TripleP: Which Triple P is right for me?

Which Triple P is right for me?

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Parents have different needs when it comes to parenting help. Some may just want a tip or two to make sure their child goes quietly to bed at night and stays there. Some may need a simple plan to stop tantrums at the shopping mall. But others could be facing more serious trouble and need in-depth help to get them through.
That's why Triple P has many different ways to get help. You choose what is best for you and your family. It's about giving you the right amount of help you need enough, but not too much!

So, as you read the situations below, see if you recognize yourself. Is this you? You'll get an idea of the Triple P help that may fit your needs. You'll also see the kind of Triple P you can do in private, with your personal Triple P provider, and the types of Triple P done in groups with other parents.

Short sessions with other parents

Is this you?

Most of the time, parenting is fun. You know you are doing a good job. But there are times when things get a little tricky. Like when your toddler won't eat her dinner. Or your six year old won't pick up his toys. If only someone could give you some ideas to make those times easier! If this sounds like you, then a Triple P seminar may be right for you.

Is this you?
A child who melts down in the supermarket. One who won't go to bed without a fight. The kid who's always disobedient, or the one who bites, hits or fights.
If your child fits any of these descriptions, Triple P Discussion Groups can help. Triple P Discussion Groups are short, small group sessions that offer parents practical advice for tackling specific problem behavior.


Quick and personal: one-on-one help

Is this you?
Being a parent should be easier than this! Perhaps you can't take your daughter shopping because she throws a tantrum every time. Or maybe you have a child who makes bedtime a nightmare. Or a son who never seems to listen to anything you tell him to do.
If your child has a particular behavior problem that is making family life more difficult than it should be, then Primary Care Triple P can help. Primary Care Triple P gives guidance that is tailored to help you with specific issues.

Ongoing support-- one-on-one
Is this your family?

Other parents don't seem to have it as tough as you. Your child constantly misbehaves. Your family life is full of frustration, anger and tears. There's probably a lot of shouting and your child may even be aggressive perhaps hitting you, the furniture or his brothers and sisters. In fact, everyday from breakfast to bedtime is a battle. If this sounds familiar, there are two types of Triple P that could help. Group Triple P gives you support to help you manage your child's behavior and prevent the kinds of problems that make your family life stressful, while Standard Triple P offers the same kind of support in one-on-one sessions, with just you and a Triple P provider.

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