TRB: Health Coverage LSD

{Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)}

Where do I obtain my health insurance coverage as a retired member?

If you and/or your spouse are not participating in Medicare Part A and Part B, you may elect to continue your health insurance coverage through the local school district in which you were employed at the time of retirement. The cost of health insurance varies from district to district. Your former employer must charge you the same premium that is assessed by the insurance company for the type of coverage you are receiving. For self-insured plans, your former employer must charge you the budgetary premium rate for your form of coverage. To offset this cost, CTRB will issue a subsidy payment on your behalf to your former employer. The current subsidy payment is up to $110.00 monthly for individual coverage and up to $220.00 monthly for member/spouse coverage. Once you and/or your spouse become eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B, you may join the CTRB sponsored plan. For additional information on this topic, obtain the Health Insurance FAQs Bulletin (PDF 24KB).

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