TRB: Additional Money for the TRB Health Fund

Additional Money for the TRB Health Fund


The TRB would like to thank the Connecticut legislature for appropriating the full required funding for the TRB health plan for this coming fiscal year. These are difficult times for Connecticut and we understand the hard choices that have to be made. We also appreciate the membership's effort to communicate the need for regular and consistent funding of the plan.


As a result of inconsistent funding over the past decade, the health fund balance has fallen from $174 million to an expected balance of $2 million for this fall. While this is much better than the projected negative $6 million dollar balance before the new funds were appropriated, it falls far short of the planís $30 million normal reserve requirements.


The TRBís responsibility is to provide the best medical plan available within our financial constraints. In order to maintain the solvency of the plan, we will need to continue to offer the most cost effective high quality plan(s). With this in mind, over the next several months, the TRB will examine plan options moving forward into 2019 and expects to communicate any decisions by early fall.

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