SustiNet: E-Alert Login Instructions

E-Alert Login Instructions

Follow these instructions to register and log in to the SustiNet E-Alert System.
  1. If you have never registered an account with any State of Connecticut Portal Site, then please use the "registration" feature to create a new username and password. (Click "Register" on the next page)

  2. If you have registered an account with another State of Connecticut Portal Site, then all you need to do is use the same username and password to login to the SustiNet site. 

  3. If you cannot remember you're username and password, use the "Forgot Password" button to have the system send an updated password and your username to your email address that is on file with the State of Connecticut.

  4. If you continue to have problems registering or logging on to our site, please call Africka S. Hinds-Ayala at (860) 297-3877.

  5. To continue with the registration for the e-Alerts, simply click the button below.

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