seec: 1979 - 1974

  {1979}  1979  
   Public Act 79-381 
   An Act Concerning the Filing of Campaign Statements and Reports

  {Public Act 79-381}  Raises threshold for itemization for any fundraising affair, prohibits rollover of surplus from a
   candidate committee to PAC established to finance the future campaigns of the same candidate
  {1978} 1978
   Public Act 78-61, 78-106 
   An Act Concerning the State Elections Commission's Duties and Powers

   {Public Act 78-61, 78-106}  Expands Commission's investigative authority to include primaries and referenda, and enables
    Commission to refer evidence to the Attorney General for equitable relief so that the results
    of an election, primary or referendum can be set aside by the courts
   Public Act 78-125 
   An Act Concerning Election Complaints and the Revision of Primary Petition
   Circulation to Preclude Possible Fraud

   {Public Act 78-125}  Imposes additional safeguards concerning petition circulation, increases opportunities for
    registering complaints with the court concerning improper rulings or ballot counts, increases
    authority of court to order election remedies 
  {1977}  1977
   Public Act 77-158    
   An Act Concerning Expenditures Permitted by Individuals, Stock Corporations,
   Business Organizations and Other Organizations

   {Public Act 77-158}  Limits corporate and organization contributions to a referendum committee
  {1976} 1976
Public Act 76-264 
An Act Concerning a Minimum Threshold for Reporting Under the Campaign Finance Laws
{Public Act 76-264}  
Establishes $500 aggregate threshold for candidates and PACs before itemized campaign reporting is required
Public Act 76-270 
An Act Concerning the Disposition of Campaign Deficits and Surpluses
{Public Act 76-270}  
Requires distribution of surplus within 90 days following election, requires more frequent reporting of campaign deficits
Public Act 76-275 
An Act Conforming Chapter 150 to the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Concerning Campaign Financing
{Public Act 76-275}
To conform to Buckley v. Valeo decision, the terms contribution and expenditure are differentiated; expenditure limitations on candidates' campaigns are repealed as are restrictions on candidates use of personal funds; independent expenditures are permitted
  {1975}  1975
Public Act 75-202 
An Act Concerning Voluntary Compliance with Election Laws
{Public Act 75-202}  
Expands Commission's powers to include securing voluntary compliance by informal methods
An Act Concerning Permitted Campaign Expenditures
{Public Act 75-273}  
Allows Commission to determine what campaigns expenses are permitted by issuing regulations
Public Act 75-571 
An Act Revising The Campaign Finance Laws
Allows organizations to make campaign contributions, prohibits contributions by candidate committees to other committees, allows aggregate reporting of individual contributions of $15 or less, imposes limit on anonymous contributions, revises individual contribution limits and requires more frequent reporting by committees.
  {1974}  1974
   Public Act 74-213 
   An Act Concerning the Creation of a State Elections Commission

   {Public Act 74-213}  Creates the 5 member Commission with authority to investigate possible election law violations
    hold hearings, issue subpoenas, refer evidence to the Chief State's Attorney, inspect campaign
    records, issue advisory opinions and recommend revisions to election laws. 
   {Public Act 74-213}  $50,000 Appropriation
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