seec: 1985-1980

  {1985}  1985

Public Act 85-274 
An Act Concerning Certification of Moderators
{Public Act 85-274}  
Strengthens requirements for election moderators to facilitate smooth conduct of elections
Public Act 85-489 
An Act Concerning the Preservation and Destruction of Absentee Ballots
{Public Act 85-489}  
Expands Commission's authority to use subpoena power to prevent destruction of absentee ballot material to facilitate investigation
Public Act 85-514 
An Act Concerning Distribution of Absentee Ballot Applications
{Public Act 85-514}  
Prohibits payment of compensation for distributing applications or for assistance in completion of absentee ballots
  {1984}  1984
Public Act 84-437 
An Act Imposing Penalties for the Misuse of Public Funds by an Incumbent in Connection with his Campaign and Empowering the State Elections Commission to Issue Orders Concerning Unlawful Campaign Contributions
{Public Act 84-437}  
Increases Commission's enforcement authority by allowing it to issue orders requiring that unlawful campaign contributions or payments be returned or forfeited to the state; expands Commission's civil penalty authority to prohibition on misuse of public funds by incumbent
An Act Concerning Testimonial Affairs, Expenditures by Candidate Committees, Political Committees and Solicitors and a Change in the Name of the State Elections Commission
{Public Act 84-437}  
Strengthens law on testimonials to require disclosure, and subjects them to contribution limits; prohibits candidates from being compensated by PACs, imposes controls on those soliciting contributions, and name of agency changes to SEEC to avoid confusion with Elections Division of Secretary of the State
  {1983}  1983
Public Act 83-336 
An Act Concerning Limitations on Contributions Made by Political Committees
{Public Act 83-336}  
Imposes for the first time PAC contribution limits to municipal candidates
Public Act 83-410 
An Act Prohibiting Solicitation of Campaign Funds by Certain State Officials
{Public Act 83-410}  
Prohibits commissioners and deputy commissioners of state agencies from soliciting contributions for state and local candidates, and political parties
Public Act 83-583 
An Act Permitting the State Election Commission to Intervene in Actions Brought to Contest an Election or Primary
{Public Act 83-583}  
Authorizes Commission intervention in court actions brought by candidate to challenge results of elections or primaries; required notice of all such court actions be given to Commission to facilitate intervention when necessary to prepare evidence of possible criminal violations
  {1982}  1982
Public Act 82-54 
An Act Concerning Persons Who are Guarantors of Loans to Political Candidates
{Public Act 82-54}  
Requires disclosure of those who guaranty loans to candidates, allows candidate committee to share costs of joint advertising on a proportionate basis
Public Act 82-176 
An Act Concerning Fraudulent Voting and Intimidation of Voters
{Public Act 82-176}  
Cures void in criminal law by applying same penalty for fraudulent voting in primaries that applies to elections
  {1981}  1981
An Act Revising the Provisions of Connecticut's Campaign Finance Laws
{Public Act 81-357}  
Simplifies categories of committees, allows for exploratory committee for candidate who was undecided about which office to run for, establishes one candidate one committee rule to avoid circumvention of contribution limits, increases information concerning PACs, prohibits distribution of candidate campaign surplus to PACs
Public Act 81-359 
An Act Empowering the State Elections Commission to Levy a Civil Penalty for Violations of Absentee Ballot and Petition Requirements
{Public Act 81-359}  
Expands Commission's authority to impose civil penalties of up to $1000 for violations of absentee ballot and petition requirements
Public Act 81-424 
An Act Concerning Absentee Voting by Persons Who are Ill or Disabled and the Checking Procedure for Absentee Ballots
{Public Act 81-424}  
Requires supervision by registrars of persons in nursing homes and other institutions when casting absentee ballots to prevent fraud
Public Act 81-434
An Act Concerning the Use of Public Funds to Influence the Outcome of a Referendum Question and the Location of Political Advertising Materials
{Public Act 81-434}
Prohibits use of public funds to influence outcome of referendum to ensure fairness
Public Act 81-467 
An Act Concerning Controls on the Administration of Elections and Primaries
{Public Act 81-467}
Increases maximum criminal penalty for violations of campaign finance laws from one to five years imprisonment, and from $1,000 to $5,000 fine (class D felony); also establishes right to challenge absentee ballot of polling place
  {1980}  1980 
Public Act 80-212 
An Act Empowering the State Elections Commission to Levy a Civil Penalty Against Violators of the Campaign Finance Laws
{Public Act 80-212}  
Authorizes the Commission to impose a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per violation against any violator of CT's Campaign Finance Laws. Commission must comply with Uniform Administrative Procedure Act before imposing penalty. Limits referrals to Chief State's Attorney to knowing and willful violations
Public Act 80-223 
An Act Concerning Contributions to Candidates for Municipal Offices
{Public Act 80-223}  
Limits contributions to municipal candidates for the first time
Public Act 80-271 
An Act Concerning Political Advertising
{Public Act 80-271}  
Requires identification of sponsorship on printed campaign communications, and authorizes Commission to impose civil penalty for non-compliance
Public Act 80-432 
An Act Providing Penalties for Neglect or Fraud in the Performance of Duties relating to Primaries and Limits on Contributions by Certain Continuing Political Committees
{Public Act 80-432}
Cures void in criminal law by applying penalties for election official fraud or neglect arising from primaries
{Public Act 80-432}
Limits contributions by business PAC's to candidates, and in the aggregate to all candidates
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