seec: 1994-1990

  {1994}  1994
Public Act 94-102 
An Act Concerning Members and Employees of the Elections Enforcement Commission
{Public At 94-102}  
Strengthens restrictions on political activities by Commission members and staff
Public Act 94-121 
An Act Concerning the Implementation of the National Voter Registration Act
{Public Act 94-121}  
Among many changes, provides that Elections Enforcement Commission be responsible for investigating and enforcing provisions of the NVRA
  {1993}  1993
Public Act 93-192 
An Act Concerning the Imposition of Civil Penalties by the State Elections Enforcement Commission and Notice of Campaign Treasurers Who Fail to File Campaign Reports
{Public Act 93-192}  
Increases Commission's authority to impose civil penalties from maximum of $1,000 to $2,000 per offense
An Act Concerning Lobbyist Contributions and Committee Certifications
{Public Act 93-251}  
Strengthens existing lobbyist contribution ban by expanding coverage to activities exempt from being considered contributions under campaign finance laws, and strengthens annual disclosure of lobbyists campaign contributions by including purchases not otherwise considered contributions
Public Act 93-300 
An Act Concerning Voter Identification at the Polls
{Public Act 93-300}  
Requires for the first time a voter to present identification before voting or sign a statement of authenticity
  {1992}  1992
An Act Concerning Campaign Contributions

{Public Act 92-246}  Requires disclosure of ad book receipts for fundraisers; requires contributors of over $100 to 
  be by personal check
  {1991}  1991
An Act Concerning Campaign Financing of Delegates Involved in Primaries, Campaign Finance Reporting, In-Kind Contributions, Surplus Campaign Funds, Mailing of Absentee Ballots

{Public Act 91-351}  Imposes limits on contributions to candidates in primary for convention delegates, and prohibits
   corporate contributions to those primaries; requires treasurers to obtain occupation and
   employer's name for $1,000 contributors or forfeit funds, requires in- kind valuation notice
   by PAC to candidate to facilitate disclosure
  {1990}  1990 
Public Act 90-267 
An Act Concerning Political Contributions by Registered Lobbyists

{Public Act 90-267}  Prohibits lobbyists and lobbyist PACs from soliciting or contributing to General Assembly 
  candidates and their PACs during legislative sessions
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