seec: 1996/1995

  {1996}  1996
An Act Concerning Forfeiture and Restoration of Voting Rights
{Public Act 96-207} Strengthens procedures regarding convicted felons
  {1995}  1995
Public Act 95-122 
An Act Authorizing the State Elections Enforcement Commission to Impose Civil Penalties for Wrongful Denial of Voting Rights and for Violations Concerning Recanvass and Identification at the Polls
{Public Act 95-122}  
Expands Commission's authority to impose civil penalty of up to $2000 for these violations
Public Act 95-177 
An Act Concerning the Integrity of the Absentee Ballot Process
{Public Act 95-177}  
Strengthens accountability in distribution of absentee ballot application by requiring the person providing direct assistance to the applicant to sign name and address; cures void in criminal statute
Public Act 95-188 
An Act Concerning the Integrity of the Office of the Treasurer
{Public Act 95-188}  
Imposes prohibition on any owners and key personnel of an investment services firm doing business with the State Treasurer, or any PAC established by such firm, from soliciting or making contributions to any campaign for State Treasurer
Public Act 95-276 
An Act Concerning Permissible Campaign Expenditures by Committees and Attribution on Political Advertising
{Public Act 95-276}
Imposes prohibition on personal use of campaign funds by candidate, and on payment of compensation to candidate's immediate family
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