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  {2000}  2000
Public Act 00-99 
An Act Reforming the Sheriff’s System
{Public Act 00-99}  
After several documented instances of campaign financing corruption involving campaigns for High Sheriff, (jobs or other favors for campaign contributions) the SEEC successfully sought legislation to bar candidates for High Sheriff from soliciting their employees or members of their immediate family, and a reciprocal ban on soliciting of contributions for candidates for High Sheriff by the employees of the sheriff and their family members.
An Act Concerning the Duties of Town Clerks and Establishment of Ethics Agencies By Special Districts
{Public Act 00-92}  
Section 9-369b, Conn. Gen. Stats., had required municipalities desiring to explain pending referendum questions use an exclusive method explanatory text) to do so.  This act provides that any municipality may, by vote of its legislative body and subject to the approval of its municipal attorney, authorize the preparation and printing of materials concerning any such proposal or question in addition to the explanatory text if such materials do not advocate the approval or disapproval of the proposal or question.
An Act Concerning the Number of Available Paper Ballots When Voting Machines Are Damaged or For Electors With Disabilities
{Public Act 00-79}  
The SEEC had various enforcement actions regarding voting machine breakdowns, failures or improper set-ups.  An insufficient number of paper ballots were available to service voters on Election Day.  This legislation requires town clerks to provide paper ballots for each polling place in moderator kits equal to one percent of the number of electors in the district, unless the town clerk and registrars agree otherwise.
Public Act 00-43 
An Act Concerning Powers and Duties of the Treasurer and the Investment Advisory Council
{Public Act 00-43}
Expanded the ban on contributions by principals of investment firms doing business with the State Treasurer by prohibit  any such principal from contributing to or soliciting on behalf of any candidate for state or municipal office, including the General Assembly.  The legislation also restricted the State Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer or any candidate for State Treasurer, or member of the Investment Advisory Council from soliciting contributions from principals of investment services firms doing business with the State Treasurer for any candidate.
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