seec: Record Keeping Regulations 9-607-1

Recordkeeping Requirements
The following regulations specifically concern the State Elections Enforcement Commission; however, they are not the official version of the regulations.
In the event of an inconsistency, the official regulations are published by the State of Connecticut, Judicial Branch, Commission on Official Legal Publications.  Their publication shall serve as the official version.

(a) Pursuant to the requirements described in sections 9-607(f), 9-607(g), 9-706(e) of the Connecticut General Statutes, and any regulations adopted thereto, in order to substantiate any payment for services of campaign or committee staff, or campaign or committee services of attorneys, accountants, consultants, or other professional persons for campaign activities, the campaign treasurer shall maintain internal records, including but not limited to:

1. a written agreement, signed before any work or services for which payment in excess of $100 is sought is performed, which sets forth (i) the nature and duration of the fee arrangement and (ii) a description of the scope of the work to be performed or services to be rendered; and

2. contemporaneous records and/or invoices created by the close of the reporting period but in no event later than the date of the primary or election to which the expenditure relates, which set forth the nature and detail of the work performed or services rendered.

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