seec: Administration of Petty Cash Funds

Administration of Petty Cash Funds
The following regulations specifically concern the State Elections Enforcement Commission; however, they are not the official version of the regulations.
In the event of an inconsistency, the official regulations are published by the State of Connecticut, Judicial Branch, Commission on Official Legal Publications.  Their publication shall serve as the official version.
  {9-333i-1}  Section 9-333i-1 Administration of petty cash funds
A campaign treasurer of a committee, as defined in Subsection (1) of Section 9-333a of the General Statutes, may establish and maintain a petty cash fund not to exceed one hundred dollars at any one time out of which such campaign treasurer may pay any expense of the committee which is permitted to be paid pursuant to Chapter 150 of the General Statutes,
except that no expense may be paid to any such person which exceeds twenty-five dollars per transaction and except further, that such petty cash fund may not be replenished more than twice in a seven day period. The campaign treasurer shall keep and maintain a receipt or other proper written record of all such cash transactions. Any disbursement made from a petty cash fund shall be reported as an expenditure in accordance with Section 9-333j of the General Statutes.
(Effective February 26, 1981; Amended effective July 31, 1998, formerly 9- 348f-1.)

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