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  {1989}  1989
Public Act 89-5 
An Act Concerning Notice of Restrictions on Possession of Completed Absentee Ballots
{Public Act 89-5}  
Requires notice on outer envelope for reforming absentee of who can lawfully handle completed ballot and penalties for violations
Public Act 89-159 
An Act Concerning Enforcement of Prohibition Against Use of Public Funds to Advocate a Position on a Referendum
{Public Act 89-159}
Clarifies that no public funds can be used to advocate position on referendum and authorizes Commission to impose a civil penalty of up to $1,000 or twice the amount of the expenditure, with no right of indemnification of the state or municipal official
  {1988}  1988
  Public Act 88-113 
  An Act Concerning Election Contests by Individuals

  {Public Act 88-113}  Permits an individual to contest a referendum in court without having to exhaust administrative

  Public Act 88-344 
  An Act Concerning the Witnessing of Voter Registration Applications

  {Public Act 88-344}   Strengthens requirements for mail-in voter registration to preclude fraud and insure greater
  {1987}  1987 
An Act Concerning Financial Reporting for Primary Elections
{Public Act 87-264}  
Extends disclosure provisions of campaign finance laws to town committee and delegate primaries
An Act Concerning Political Contributions by Lobbyists to Members of the General Assembly
{Public Act 87-524}  
Requires identification of PACs formed by registered lobbyists, disclosure of lobbyist status of contributors on campaign reports, that individuals who are registered lobbyists file annual campaign reports, and that occupation and employer's name of contributor of more than $1,000 be disclosed
Public Act 87-530 
An Act Concerning Circulation of Election Petitions
{Public Act 87-530}  
New crime established for misrepresentation of contents of an election related petition
Public Act 87-532 
An Act Reforming the Absentee Ballot Process
{Public Act 87-532}
Requires accountability in distribution of absentee ballot applications, expands requirement for mandatory supervision of absentee ballots at nursing homes, and expands Commission's authority to investigate complaints concerning town committee and delegate primaries
Public Act 87-545 
An Act Concerning Judicial Hearings Concerning Absentee Ballots
{Public Act 87-545}
Requires automatic court hearing on an election when candidate claims absentee ballot violations; expands time frame to bring court action contesting a primary
  {1986}  1986 
Public Act 86-1 
An Act Permitting the Elections Enforcement Commission to Impound Voting Machines
{Public Act 86-1}  
Expands Commission's authority by allowing it to impound machines to complete investigation and to issue order requiring town clerk to unlock machine when necessary to investigate complaint
An Act Making Technical Revisions to the Campaign Finance Laws
{Public Act 86-99}  
Recodifies, rewrites campaign finance laws in plain language
An Act Concerning the Appointment of Deputy Campaign Treasurers by State Central Committees, Contribution Limits for Candidates for Municipal Office, and Studies of the Campaign Finance Laws
{Public Act 86-240}  
Revises certain contribution limits for municipal candidates form $1,000 to $250; requires joint study by State Elections Enforcement Commission and State Ethics Commission of the relationship of the campaign finance laws to the codes of ethics for public officials and lobbyists
Public Act 86-412 
An Act Concerning Imposition of Civil Penalties for Violations of Certain Election Laws
{Public Act 86-412}
Expands Commission's authority to levy civil penalties of up to $1,000 for violations pertaining to conduct of elections, preparation of voting machines, handicapped access, etc.
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