seec: 1998/1997

  {1998}  1998
Public Act 98-7 
An Act Prohibiting the Receipt of "Soft Money" Funds From National Political Parties by State Parties and PACs
{Public Act 98-7}  
Limits transfers from national parties to state parties and PACs to funds subject to Federal limits (no corporate, union treasury funds, limited individual contributions)
Public Act 98-67 
An Act Concerning Election Procedures
{Public Act 98-67}  
Requires test voting and sealing in machine preparation that registrars must conduct prior to election
  {1997}   1997
Public Act 97-107 
An Act Strengthening Enforcement of Election Laws
{Public Act 97-107}  
Raises amount of civil penalty the SEEC can impose to $2000 or twice the amount of the improper contribution or payment ; authorizes removal of treasurer or solicitor
Public Act 97-154 
An Act Amending the Election Laws
{Public Act 97-154}  
Expands jurisdiction of SEEC to investigate violations occurring at primaries held pursuant to Special Acts
An Act Reforming Absentee Voting Laws to Protect Against Abuses
{Public Act 97-176}  
Prohibits candidates, agents of a candidate, political party or PAC from being present while voter casts an absentee ballot
Public Act 97-5 (June 18 Special Session)
An Act Concerning Campaign Finance Reform
{Public Act 97-5}
Requires candidates for statewide office after January 1999, and who raise $250,000 or more to file campaign reports electronically, and permits other committees to do so; lowers threshold for disclosure of individual contributors occupation and employer to $101; requires individuals making independent expenditures of more than $1,000 to file disclosure statements; extends lobbyist contribution ban during sessions to statewide candidates and their PACs; limits contributions by minors under 16 to $30
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