seec: 1999

  {1999}  1999
An Act Prohibiting Government Sponsored Promotional Campaigns Featuring Candidates for Public Office
{Public Act 99-12}  
Prohibits candidates from appearing in publicly funded television radio, newspaper or magazine ads during 5 months prior to election
An Act Concerning Corrupt Election Practices
{Public Act 99-147}  
Prohibits favors of any kind offered by candidates to anyone for signing an election related petition
Public Act 99-275 
An Act Concerning Candidate Related Advertisements
{Public Act 99-275}  
Regulates "sham issue ads" featuring candidates within 3 months of election by requiring ads to be funded by permissible sources under campaign finance laws, and subject to disclosure requirements
Public Act 99-276 
An Act Concerning Minor Changes to Election Laws
{Public Act 99-276}
Requires voter identification at referenda
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