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  {2004}  2004

An Act Increasing the Membership of the State Ethics Commission and Concerning Recommended Appropriations of the State Ethics, Elections Enforcement and Freedom of Information Commissions
{Public Act 04-204}  
Provides for greater independence and autonomy of the 3 watchdog agencies by  requiring that the budget request of the executive directors of the agencies are included in the Governorís recommended budget.
An Act Concerning the Preparation of Materials for Referenda Called for by a Regional School District and Concerning Budgets of Regional School Districts
{Public Act 04-117}  
Extends to Regional School Districts the same ability to authorize explanatory material concerning their referenda as exists for municipalities, and subjects these boards to the same prohibitions and sanctions for misusing public funds to advocate a position on a pending referendum.
{Public Act 04-117}  
Provides for a court review of any referendum where there are improper rulings of election officials, mistakes in the counts of votes or other significant violations which affect eh outcome of the vote, in the same manner as a candidate would have to contest an election or primary.
An Act Concerning Registrars of Voters and the Repair of Voting Machines on Election Day
{Public Act 04-113}
Requires Registrars of Voters to post their hours of operation, makes changes to the voter registration application card to deter fraud, ensures petition filings are handled uniformly, and imposes additional requirements on mechanics concerning repairs made to voting machines during the election.
An Act Prohibiting Personal Use of Campaign Funds and Concerning Retention of Internal Records and Reporting Requirements Regarding Party-Building Activities
{Public Act 04-91}  
The act clarifies the campaign finance laws relating to proper uses of campaign and other committee funds, and extends the ban on personal use to non candidates, provides specificity concerning internal records required to be kept by treasurers, ensures full public disclosure of campaign expenses incurred by use of a credit card, and imposes disclosure requirements of the names of secondary payees of expenditures.
An Act Concerning Compliance with the Federal Help America Vote Act
{Public Act 04-74}
The act expands the duties and responsibilities of the SEEC by designating it as the sole state agency to receive and determine complaints filed under the Federal Help America Vote Act, and authorizes the SEEC to impose sanctions, hold hearings, etc. concerning violations of the Act.
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