seec: 2007

  {2007}  2007
  An Act Concerning the State Contractor Contribution Ban and Gifts to the State and
  Quasi-Public Agencies
  {Public Act 07-1}  The campaign finance portion of the act makes various changes to the implementation of the
    ban on state contractor contributions

  {Public Act 07-1}  Redefines what constitutes a principal of a state or prospective state contractor for clarity

  {Public Act 07-1}  Clarifies the definition of “solicit” for purposes of the ban which impacts lobbyists and contractors

  {Public Act 07-1}  Changes definition of dependent child to one who is 18 and over and can be claimed as a 
   dependent on the parent’s federal income tax return

  {Public Act 07-1}  Imposes limit of $30 on contributions by any one under 18

  {Public Act 07-1}  Eliminates requirement that SEEC publish on its website a list of the names of all principals of
   contractors, and substitutes a requirement that it publish the names of the entities that are 
   contractors and prospective state contractors 

  {Public Act 07-1}   Allows for cure of contractor ban violation if contribution is returned in 30 days

  {Public Act 07-1}   Allows SEEC to determine if mitigating circumstances exist for contractor not to be debarred
    due to violation of contribution ban

  {Public Act 07-1}   Revises notice requirements, and imposes duties on SEEC to draft appropriate notice that
    agencies can use to explain ban to contractors and prospective contractors
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