seec: Additional Pages for Form 20

Additional Pages for FORM 20
  {Forms}  Sections (B, C1, L1, L3, L4, L5, M,  P, Q, R, S, T)
{click here}  Section B Itemized Individual Contributions
{click here}  Section C1-Contributions from Other Committees

  {Forms}  Sections (B, C1, L1, L3, L4, M, O,  P, Q, R, S, T) (Fill in)
{click here}  Section B- Itemized Individual Contributions  (Fill in)
{click here}  Section C1-Contributions from Other Committees (Fill in)
{click here}  Section L1-Fundraiser Event Information (Fill in)
{click here}  Section L4-InKind Donations not Considered Contributions (Fill in)
{click here}  Section M- In-Kind Contributions (Fill in)
{click here}  Section P- Expenses Paid By Committee (Fill in)
{click here}  Section Q- Expenses Paid By Candidate (Fill in)
{click here}  Section R- Expenses Incurred On Committee Credit Card (Fill in)
{click here}  Section S- Expenses Incurred by Committee But Not Paid During This Period (Fill in)
{click here}  Section T- Itemization Of Reimbursements and Secondary Payees (Fill in)

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