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Citizens' Election Program Forms
  {Forms}  Citizens' Election Program Forms
{click here}  SEEC Form CEP 10 - Affidavit of Intent to Abide by Expenditure Limits and Other Citizens' Election Program Requirements

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{click here} SEEC Form CEP 12 - Electronic Funds Transfer Form
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SEEC Form CEP 13 - Affidavit of Withdrawal Form
{click here} SEEC Form CEP 14 - Certification by Replacement Candidate
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SEEC Form CEP 15 - Grant Application Form
  {Forms}  Qualifying Contribution Certification Forms
After hearing that our treasurers would like to be able to personalize Contribution Certification Forms for their committee, the Public Financing Unit designed, and is proud to introduce, new forms that can be customized and saved by you as a Word document.
** Earlier versions of the forms that a committee received from the Commission or downloaded from the SEEC website are still acceptable.**
The Public Financing Unit has designed this new feature for Contribution Certification Forms for participating and nonparticipating candidates, municipal candidates, town committee ad book purchases and party committees. 
Page 2 of each Certification Form includes Definition of Terms and must be made available to each contributor at the time they complete the form.  To comply with this requirement, the Commission strongly suggests reproducing the form as a double-sided document.
The Commission strongly recommends that treasurers use its sample forms for all contributors.  These forms are designed to protect treasurers by providing for all of the information necessary to complete the required disclosure statements.  While campaigns may create their own contribution certification forms, the Commission recommends that campaigns use its sample forms because in the event a given contribution turns out to be impermissible based upon information encompassed by the sample form, the Commission's sample forms provide the treasurer with a good faith reliance defense.


{Sample Forms}  Sample Forms
{Fee Arrangement for Work or Service}  Fee Arrangement for Work or Service
{Wage Record}  Wage Record
{Advance Repayment Voucher}  Advance Repayment Voucher

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