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Senior Executive Operations
 Senior Executive Operations
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Legal and Enforcement Unit Fiscal
 Compliance Unit
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 Law and Regulations
 State Elections Enforcement Commission Decisions
 Absentee Ballots Info
 Explanation of Commission Procedures
 Opinion of Counsel
 Final Decisions
 Federal Elections Commission, Advisory Opinion Request 2014-16 by Connecticut
 Commission Decisions 2014
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 Commission Decisions 2007 Part 3
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 Commission Decisions 2009 Part 3
 2015 Part 2
 Commission Decisions 2016
 Commission Decisions Part 2
 Commission Decisions 2016 Part Two
 2017 Commission Decisions Part 1

Administrative and Grant Payments Unit
 Administrative and Grant Payments Unit
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Public Finance Unit
 Public Finance Unit
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 Treasurer's Best Practices
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 Candidate Liaison Contact
 Declaratory Rulings
 Special Election Public Funds Payments
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 Projected Levels of Candidate Participation 2008
 List of Participating and Nonparticipating Candidates
 Compliance Unit
 Legislative Summaries & Proposals
 Candidate Services Unit
 List of Participating and Nonparticipating Candidates
 List 2
 List 3
 List 4
 List 5
 List 6
 List 7
 List 8
 A Busy Start for Citizensí Election Program: An Update from the Director of the Citizensí Election Program
 2008 General Assembly Election -State Senator - Participating Candidates
 2008 General Assembly Election -House Representative - Participating Candidates
 2008 General Assembly Election - State Senator - Nonparticipating Candidates
 2008 General Assembly Election
 Creating Change in the Land of Steady Habits
 List 2010 GA
 List 2010 State
 List 2010 Special 120th
 2010 General Assembly Primary
 2011 February Special Election
 2011 April Special Election
 2011 Special Elections
 2010 Statewide Office Election
 January 2012 Special Election
 2013 Special Election
 Comments 2014-1
 Comments 2014-2

Campaign Disclosure and Audit Unit
 Contribution Ban
 Organization of Staff
 Campaign Disclosure and Registration
 Municipal Candidates
 General Assembly Candidates
 Statewide Office Candidates
 Political Action Committees
 Political Action Committees
 Party Committees
 Party Calendar
 Candidate / Exploratory Calendar
 Disclosure and Auidit Unit
 Filing Calendar Archive State Central Committees
 Archived Candidate / Exploratory Committee Calendars
 Durational Political Committees
 2012 Candidate Committees in 2011

Information Technology Services
 Information Technology Services
 Organization of Staff