Recovery: Connecticut ARRA Funding

Funds Received in Connecticut under the American Recovery and Reivestment Act of 2009
Funds Awarded to State Agencies
Category State Agency Description Total
Econ./Comm Development Econ. & Community Development Cdbg States Program $3,616,527
Econ./Comm Development Total $3,616,527
Education Brd of Ed / Services f/t Blind Basic Support $500,180
Independent Living Services For Older Individuals Who Are Bl $427,951
State Independent Living Services $36,437
CT Community Colleges Federal Work Study $115,190
Department of Development Serv Special Education - Grants For Infants And Families Arra $4,559,747
Dept. of Social Services Basic Support $2,834,353
State Independent Living Services $206,476
State Dept of Education Educational Technology $4,614,065
Mckinney-Vento Homeless Children And Youth Grant Awards $336,688
School Improvement Grants, Recovery Act $1,090,940
Special Education - Preschool Grants, Recovery Act $5,089,013
Special Education Grants To States, Recovery Act $132,971,468
State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Government Services Arra $98,620,828
State Fiscal Stabilization Fund State Grants Arra $443,251,855
Title I Grants To Local Educational Agencies, Recovery Act $70,714,174
Education Total $765,369,365
Education-Federal Student Aid Connecticut State Universities $158,161
Education-Federal Student Aid Total $158,161
Energy Dept. of Social Services Weatherization Assistance Program $64,310,502
Office of Policy & Management Electricity Delivery And Energy Reliability, Research, Devel $521,250
Energy Efficiency And Conservation Block Grant $9,593,500
State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program $3,359,000
State Energy Program $38,542,000
Public Utility Control Dept Electricity Delivery And Energy Reliability, Research, Devel $839,241
Energy Total $117,165,493
Environment Dept. of Public Health Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund $19,500,000
Environmental Protection Capitalization Grants For Clean Water State Revolving Funds $48,010,300
Habitat Conservation - Tingue Dam $2,500,000
Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Program $2,000,000
State Clean Diesel Grant Program $1,730,000
Water Quality Management Planning $485,000
Environment Total $74,225,300
Health/Human Services Dept. of Children and Families Arra Iv-E Adopt Assist - Dcf $4,023,246
Arra Iv-E Foster Care - Dcf $4,779,159
Dept. of Public Health Cms Survey Of Ambulatory Surgery Centers $105,959
Cppw Supplemental Healthy Communities - Component I $650,125
Healthcare-Associated Infections (Eip Vaccine Study) $192,910
Healthcare-Associated Infections (Eip) $338,531
Healthcare-Associated Infections (Elc) $878,049
Hite Development Project $7,297,930
Immunization $955,672
State Primary Care Offices $36,775
Wic Food Funds $1,362,164
Wic Technology Grant $391,270
Dept. of Social Services Arra Increased Medicaid Fmap $777,565,529
Child Care Bureau, Office Of Family Assistance $13,685,624
Child Support Enforcement $792,000
Community Services Block Grant $12,060,854
Congregate Meals A.R.R.A. $775,759
Emergency Food Assistance Program $443,387
Home Delivered Meals A.R.R.A. $381,912
Homelessness Prevention $10,818,309
State Matching Grant For Food Stamps $2,531,771
Health/Human Services Total $840,066,935
Housing CT Housing & Fin. Authority Section 1602 Grants $50,567,903
Tcap $26,170,888
Housing Total $76,738,791
Other Dept. of Higher Education Americorps $325,090
Military Dept. National Guard Military Operations & Maintenance $2,078,000
State Dept of Education Child Nutrition Discretionary Grant $785,878
Other Total $3,188,968
Public Safety Dept. of Public Safety Internet Crimes Against Children (Icac) Initives $584,975
Port Security Program $420,000
Office of Policy & Management Justice Assistance Grant $12,479,843
Violence Against Women Formula Grants $2,425,747
Public Safety Total $15,910,565
Science Research UConn Health Center $26,197,411
Science Research Total $26,197,411
Science/Research Connecticut State Universities $138,346
UConn Health Center $463,095
University of Connecticut $14,691,273
Science/Research Total $15,292,714
Transportation Dept. of Transportation Airport Improvement Program $7,491,409
Federal Transit - Formula Gramts $116,727,665
Federal Transit Capital Investment Grants $32,030,396
Formula Grants For Other Than Urbanized Areas $4,039,580
High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail $40,000,000
Highway Planning And Construction $302,053,956
Transit Investments For Greenhouse Gas & Energy Reduction Pr $7,000,000
Transportation Total $509,343,006
Workforce Comm on Arts,Tourism,Culture State Arts Agencies/Regional Arts Organizations $306,100
Dept. of Labor Employment Services - Wagner Peyser Activities $1,668,598
Employment Services -Reemployment For Ui Claimants $2,780,996
Extension Of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act Of 2008 $658,953,145
Federal Additional Compensation $231,886,286
Temporary Full Funding Of Extended Benefits (Eb) $43,542,419
Unemployment Insurance Admin - Special Transfer $6,272,238
Unemployment Insurance Modernization Act $87,811,338
Wia Arra $30,303,942
Dept. of Social Services Senior Community Service Employment $259,468
Workforce Competitiveness Off. Program Of Competitive Grants For Worker Training And Placem $3,360,000
Workforce Total $1,067,144,530
Grand Total $3,514,417,766
Funds Awarded Directly from the Federal Government to Entities in Connecticut (Note: The State in not responsible for the expediture, tracking, or reporting of these funds)
Category Program Total
Defense (blank) $3,023,000
Defense Total   $3,023,000
Economic and Community Development Community Development Block Grants $7,466,253
Economic and Community Development Total   $7,466,253
Energy Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits  $120,911,520
  Electric Drive Vehicle Battery/Components $5,000,000
  Energy Efficiency and Conservation BG $14,929,400
  Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) Components Research &
  Ground Source Heat Pump Demonstration Projects $146,973
  Local Energy Assurance Planning Initiatives $255,587
  Smart Grid $9,188,050
  Solar Energy Grid Integration $1,500,000
Energy Total   $156,199,051
Environment ACOE Civil Works Projects $5,625,000
  Brownfields $2,745,033
  Fish and Wildlife Service $1,121,000
  Forest Service Projects $2,300,000
  Rural Wastewater and Drinking Water $28,629,700
Environment Total   $40,420,733
Health and Human Services Capacity Building Program  $1,250,000
  Community Health Centers $38,255,636
  Emergency Food and Shelter $916,366
  Facility Investment Program  $16,160,675
  Health IT Regional Extension Centers $5,749,309
  Lead Hazard Reduction Grants $7,579,126
Health and Human Services Total   $69,911,112
Labor Green Capacity Building Grants $129,827
  State Energy Sector Partnership (SESP) and Training Grants $3,360,000
Labor Total   $3,489,827
Transportation Capital Grants to Amtrak $105,000,000
  Small Shipyards Grant Program $4,393,710
Transportation Total   $109,393,710
USDA Rural Facilities $11,456,507
USDA Rural Facilities Total   $11,456,507
Other $69,935
Other Total   $69,935
Grand Total   $401,430,128

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