PURA: Gas Pipeline Safety

Gas Pipeline Safety

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is responsible for pipeline safety in Connecticut. 


Natural Gas

What to do if you smell natural gas   |  Who to call (Emergencies and Non-Emergencies) - Natural Gas

Propane Gas 

What to do if you smell propane gas   | Who to call (Emergencies and Non-Emergencies) - Propane Gas

Additional Safety Information:

What are the safety concerns for gas meters?

Are there gas pipes for which I am responsible?

Connecticut's excavation damage prevention program

Background Information:

What is natural gas?

What is Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)?

How does natural gas get to Connecticut?

What are the segments of the natural gas industry?

What transmission pipelines serve Connecticut?

What do transmission pipelines look like?

How is natural gas transported throughout Connecticut?

Are certain propane systems subject to PURA oversight?

What is Gas Pipeline Safety?

What is the Gas Pipeline Safety Unit Inspection Program?

Propane Company Information:

Information for the Propane Industry

Contact Information:

PURA Gas Pipeline Safety Unit
Karl Baker
Public Utilities Supervisor of Technical Analysis
karl.baker@ct.gov 860-827-2661
Bruce Benson Public Utilities Engineer III bruce.benson@ct.gov 860-827-2641
Daniel Nivison Public Utilities Engineer III daniel.nivison@ct.gov 860-827-2780
John DePaolo Public Utilities Engineer II 860-827-2604
Kevin Dowling Public Utilities Engineer II kevin.dowling@ct.gov 860-827-2676
Daniel Tomasino Public Utilities Engineer I daniel.tomasino@ct.gov 860-827-2877


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