OPM: Just Start: Taking Action Office of Policy and Management OPM: Just Start: Taking Action

minority contact

Taking action


Helping police see the world
through a kidís eyes

Cops and kids unplugged
in Rocky Hill

Torrington cops and kids
on a mission

the story of DMC in CT

about Just.START

DMC studies

taking action

students and school discipline

CT juvenile justice

CT funding opportunities


{Just Start: A fair and equal juvenile justice system for all Connecticut} These programs, tools and resources will help you reduce unequal treatment of youth.

Core principles for reducing DMC

Unconscious bias: the untalked about reality

Documentary: The Color of Justice

Report on CTís Goals and Accomplishments

Training for patrol officers

Side by Side: police and youth program

Training for school staff

School police collaboration

Tool for residential facilities

Ten things to remember

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