OHA: Listening Session surveys

We Need To Hear From You!

In order to gain a comprehensive view of how the healthcare system and its costs are affecting the citizens of Connecticut, we have developed a few short surveys that seek to capture important information about the consumer experience and challenges in affording healthcare. 

These surveys can be completed online without attending any of the scheduled sessions.  Or, if you plan to attend, you may want to pre-register and complete the surveys online instead of in person (both much appreciated, but neither required; if you are coming to a session, you can both register and complete the surveys in person, or not at all, as you prefer).

  • Survey One: Share Your Story  -  Whether you won't be able to attend one of our forums, or you simply want to share your experiences in a less public way.   Or, you may plan to attend and simply want to complete this in the comfort of your home or office.

  • Survey Three: Weigh In On Health Care Cost Solutions  - Here, we explore the impact of premiums, and some options for different designs of health insurance plans that may offer flexibility and possibly lower costs, but introduce limitations as well.  What areas do you see as ripe for savings?  And as a consumer, what tradeoffs are you and your family willing to make for lower costs?

While we hope to see you at one of our public forums around the state this fall, these surveys are available for those of you who can't attend a session, or prefer to share your story in a less public, or even anonymous, setting.

Please share your stories, your concerns and your ideas so we can bring your voice to the table as Connecticut works to develop healthcare policy that addresses your needs, and helps its citizens in ways that mean something.

Each survey is relatively short, with a narrow focus.  We hope you complete all three, but please feel free to respond to as many as you wish.

Pre- Register for an Event

No events currently open for pre-registration.  As events are scheduled, links for pre-registration will be added here, so check back later.