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Information for Providers


{Teacher with two small children} CAREER PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT

The Workforce Development Unit oversees systems, policies and practices to support the goal of developing a highly qualified and effective workforce for all children birth to age 5 in all settings.  Collaborative partners include higher education institutions, professional development providers and members of the workforce. The Workforce Unit is responsible for the Connecticut Early Childhood Professional Registry, OEC scholarship administration, career counseling and other key functions to support individuals and programs. 

Learn more about these key functions:

Visit www.ccacregistry.org for more information; (800) 832-7784 for a staff list.
Contact: Margaret Gustafson, Education Consultant, (860) 500-4542



Accreditation and Quality Improvement


The Program Improvement and Support offered through the United Way of Connecticut focuses on improving the quality of early care and education by encouraging programs to participate in the NAEYC Accreditation process. An ongoing support system for early care and education programs offers on-site individualized technical assistance, networking and training opportunities to assist in the pursuit of high quality through national accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  Additionally, supports are available to all programs in the form of free workshops, training and technical assistance to guide improvement efforts. 


The United Way of Connecticut also offers college-credit coursework and other professional development opportunities to improve the qualifications of Connecticut’s early care and education program administrators. These opportunities assist administrators in meeting the education qualifications criteria established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), as well as the requirements of the Connecticut Director Credential (CDC), which is often used to meet NAEYC’s requirements for program administrators.




Valerie Grant, Director of Early Care and Quality Improvement Services

United Way of Connecticut



Early Childhood Facility Bond Funds

Bond Funds provide grants-in-aid for facility improvements and minor capital repairs for facilities that house school readiness programs and 501 (c)(3) nonprofit state-funded day care centers.

The Division of Licensing has child care licensing specialists and supervisors, nurses, health program staff, administrative and support staff dedicated to making sure that all licensed child care programs meet all state laws and requirements.
The Division of Licensing licenses:
  • Family day care home providers
  • Child day care centers
  • Group day care homes
  • Approved family day care substitutes and assistants
  • Youth camps 
For more information, visit the division website at www.ct.gov/oec/licensing or www.ct.gov/oec/camps or call (860) 509-8045.

Birth to Three supports families in meeting the needs of their infants and toddlers who are eligible due to significant developmental disabilities or delays. The Birth to Three System has developed and gathered various materials to assist providers. To access these materials, go to www.birth23.org/providers.
In Connecticut, special education and related services are available to eligible children by age 3 and are provided by local and regional school districts at no charge. For resources for professionals, please go to http://www.sde.ct.gov/sde/cwp/view.asp?a=2626&q=320750.

Click on the links below to access additional information about these services:

Help Me Grow
Help Me Grow, a prevention program for children up to age 5 experiencing the challenges of growing up, provides parents and providers access to a variety of community resources that address a child's behavioral or developmental needs.
Triple P stands for ‘Positive Parenting Program'. Triple P aims to build positive behaviors in children, confidence in parents' abilities, and community support for raising children.
Nurturing Families Network
The Nurturing Families Network (NFN) can help ease your mind throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born so that your first parenting experience is positive and enjoyable.

Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome
To learn more about shaken baby syndrome prevention, receive awareness materials, or to schedule an informational presentation, call (860) 418-8765.

The Stranger You Know
A free community presentation reveals how parents and adults can recognize potential child predators and what parents can teach children to help prevent them from becoming victims of sexual abuse.

Family Development Training
The  Family Development Training program teaches students and human service providers a strength-based approach to working with families and communities. In collaboration with the University of Connecticut Center for the Study of Culture, Health and Human Development, the Trust Fund provides this accessible, community-centered family development training that focuses on the skills needed to help families attain healthy self-reliance.
The Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program provides high quality home visiting programs for children and families who live in high-risk communities.

Family Resource Centers

The Connecticut State Department of Education's Family Resource Centers provide early childhood and family support services within communities to children and families. They offer parent education and training; family support; preschool and school-age child care; teen pregnancy prevention (positive youth development services); and family day-care provider training.



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