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Children with Delays or Disabilities

{Birth to Three Logo} Birth to Three supports families in meeting the needs of their infants and toddlers who are eligible due to significant developmental disabilities or delays. Families are coached on methods for fostering learning during daily routines in the home, child care settings or other places that are natural for that child and family. All children referred to Birth to Three are evaluated in five developmental areas. Eligible children who are 16 months old or older are also screened for autism. Each eligible child will have a family service plan that is tailored to that child’s needs and the family’s priorities, resources and concerns.
For more information on the Birth to Three System, go to www.birth23.org or call (800) 505-7000.
Quick Links:
  • Individualized Family Service Plans {Girl with Down Syndrome and her mother}

The Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is like a roadmap through the Birth to Three System. Families and service coordinators can check the IFSP to make sure they’re on track. To learn more, go to www.birth23.org/families/ifsp 

  • Family Handbooks and Videos
The Family Handbooks introduce you to the Connecticut Birth to Three System. They let you know what to expect during your child’s evaluation and after. To view the handbooks, go to www.birth23.org/famlies/handbooks. Birth to Three videos offer real families’ stories on what it is like to get support from Birth to Three. To watch the videos, go to http://youtube.com/CTBirth23 or http://www.birth23.org/videos.
  • Parent Fees/Other Family Costs
Almost all of the cost of Birth to Three System is paid for by state and federal dollars. Families that make $45,000 or more pay a monthly fee based on a sliding scale. This helps the program continue to provide support and services to all families of eligible children. To learn more, go to www.birth23.org/families/fcp.
  • Find a Program
You can find a list of Birth to Three locations by town. To find what Birth to Three programs are available in your town and who to contact, go to www.birth23.org/towns.

Early Childhood Special Education

In Connecticut, special education and services are available to eligible children by age 3. These services are provided by local and regional school districts. By law, these services are free and fit each child’s needs.
Quick Links:
  • Preschool Special Education Brochure

Learn more about special education and services: http://www.sde.ct.gov/sde/lib/sde/pdf/deps/early/preschoolse/preschoolSpecEdBroEng.pdf

Español: http://www.sde.ct.gov/sde/lib/sde/pdf/deps/early/preschoolse/preschoolSpecEdBrospan.pdf

  • Birth to 5 Newsletters

Get the latest information and news on the Birth to Three and special education systems: http://www.birth23.org/families/b5news/


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