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Help Me Grow

At what age should my child be able to sit up? Hold on to a toy? Say her first words? As your child grows, you'll naturally have questions about how he is learning, behaving or developing.

The Help Me Grow program can help you better understand your child's development. Here are two ways you can participate:

Child Development Infoline: (800) 505-7000

The Child Development Infoline connects you with a care coordinator who will listen to your concerns and help find answers to your questions. If your child is facing developmental difficulties, a child development community liaison will research programs and/or services to meet your child and family's needs.

Ages & Stages

Help Me Grow's Ages & Stages program helps you take an active role in tracking your child's development from four months to 8 years of age. You'll get a free developmental questionnaire, that you can fill out as your child reaches developmental milestones, along with activities that are right for your baby's age that will help develop your baby's motor, communication and social skills.

A child development care coordinator will look at your questionnaire and send you the results. If your child is developing on schedule, you will get another questionnaire to fill out at the next developmental milestone, as well as fun activities for you and your child. If the coordinator has concerns, he or she may suggest services for your child and help you through the process to make sure your child gets the right care.

For more information on Help Me Grow and the Ages & Stages Child Monitoring Program, or for connections to support in your community, call the Child Development Infoline at (800) 505-7000.

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