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ECTC Information for Higher Education

The ECTC is just one of the several ways to be a designated qualified staff member (QSM).  For the document that contains all the options visit here.

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Higher education faculty plays a critical role in guiding students along a career path. The Early Childhood Teacher Credential (ECTC) is a pathway for students to consider when their career goals align with serving young children age birth to five and their families. The information on this webpage will assist faculty with student counseling, application for the ECTC planned program of study approval, verifying student completion of the program, and understanding state-funded early childhood staffing requirements.
Faculty Guidance Handbook (pdf)– A guide for faculty that includes web links to documents on this web page as well as other web pages.
Student Verification Form (doc) – The form used by the early childhood faculty coordinator at the end of each semester to verify student completion and specific ECTC endorsement.
CT ECTC Approved Institutions (pdf) – A list of current approved institutions and Connecticut state teaching endorsements approved to meet the state-funded program staff qualifications.
Articulation Policy (pdf) - The 2010 policy concerning articulation agreement and practicum in pre-kindergarten outlines guidance regarding the number of credits that can articulate to a bachelor level certification program and the policy for community colleges to hold NAEYC accreditation. 
Higher Education Planned Program of Study Application for ECTC Approval – Current application for approval through the Office of Early Childhood in partnership with the Connecticut Board of Regents and the Connecticut Office of Higher Education. The application is first reviewed by the Office of Early Childhood then consult with the Board of Regents for public institutions or the Office of Higher Education for independent institutions determines approval status. Final approval is awarded jointly by the Office of Early Childhood and the Board of Regents for public institutions or the Office of Higher Education for independent institutions.
ECTC History (pdf) – Document describing the history of the ECTC from 2005 to present including a report commissioned by the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund.

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