oec: General Policies
State-Funded Early Childhood Programs

General Policies

SR = School Readiness   CDC = Child Day Care   SS = Smart Start   SHS = State Head Start
  General Policy  SR  CDC  SS SHS 
A-01  Legislative Requirements for Staff Qualifications inState-Funded Programs(pdf)  



A-02  Approval Systems (deleted Combined with B-05)   




A-03  Early Childhood Professional Development Registry (pdf)   




A-04 Commitments to CHEFA Financed Tax-Exempt Loans (pdf)   





B-01  Fee Schedule (pdf)   



B-02 Fee Guidance (pdf)   



B-03 Eligibility (pdf)   






B-05  Meeting Quality Assurance Requirements (pdf)




C-01  School Readiness Council Membership, Responsibilities and the Role of the Liaison (pdf)  

C-02  School Readiness Grantee Budget Guidance (pdf)   

C-03  School Readiness Start-up Costs (pdf)   

C-05  Nonsectarian Policy for School Readiness Programs (pdf)   

C-06 School Readiness Non-Residency Option (pdf)  

C-07 School Readiness Space Reimbursement Rates (pdf)

D-01  Child Day Care Reporting Requirements and Data Submission (pdf)     

D-02  Child Day Care Contract and Subcontractor Responsibilities (pdf)    

D-03  Nutrition Policy and Programs (pdf)    

D-04  Reallocation of Unutilized Child Day Care Spaces (pdf)     


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