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Did you know that there is a bronze statue of a turtle in Hartford? Well there is, and in a very unlikely place.
The Statue of Marquis de LaFayette (General LaFayette)
{Statue of the Marquis de LaFayette}
This famous statue was created by the American artist Paul Wayland Bartlett (1865-1925) around the year 1907. It stands at the junction of Washington Street, LaFayette Street, and Capitol Avenue, directly across from the State Capitol and the Bushnell in Hartford. Many people have seen this statue and pass by it every day. What most people have not seen is that there is a small bronze turtle just in front of the horse's left hind hoof. What is a turtle doing on a statue of LaFayette?
   {Bronze Statue of a Turtle}
The Story of the Turtle
After Paul Bartlett had completed the statue of LaFayette, he waited a long time for the city to mount the statue on a pedestal. It took so long, that he became frustrated and added the small turtle to the statue to show how slowly he thought the project was going. It is told that the city got the message and the work was completed shortly afterwards. But the turtle stayed.
Name the Turtle
ConneCT Kids would like to give the turtle a name, and we are asking for your help. We would like you to email us your suggestions. We will post the suggestions on a page, and when we have enough, we will ask you to vote for your favorite. Send your turtle name suggestions to  Help name the turtle!
Turtle Name Suggestions
See the current list of suggsted names at Name the Turtle - Student Suggestions.

{Painting of American Artist Paul Wayland Bartlett}
American artist Paul Wayland Bartlett was born in New Haven Connecticut on January 24, 1865. He was the son of sculptor and art critic Thomas Howe Bartlett. When he was fifteen, Paul was sent to Paris to study at the École des Beaux-Arts and under Frémiet . The Bohemian Bear Trainer won a gold medal at the Salon of 1888. Of his other works, The Ghost Dance is at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; the equestrian statue of Lafayette is in Paris and a replica is in Hartford, Connecticut. Columbus, Michelangelo, and Law are in the Library of Congress. The bronze statue of Robert Morris (Philadelphia) was unveiled after the sculptor's death. He died in Paris in 1925. 
Can you see the Turtle?
{The Turtle on the Statue}


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