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Guest Kid - Becky's Web Page!

Becky's Web Page

Meet Becky

Welcome to the world of Becky, who, at age eight years old, is already a published poet. Her second grade teacher submitted Becky's poem entitled "Penguins" to the annual magazine, "Connecticut Student Writer." When Becky was notified in April that her work, and that of 68 other students, had been chosen for publication, she was both excited and proud of her accomplishment.

Becky smiles as she recalls the Recognition Night awards ceremony where she was presented with a Certificate of Merit and a copy of the magazine in which her poem was published. Becky glowingly recalls the ceremony, saying, "I was called up on stage where they took my picture. Then they gave me my award and people made speeches." Becky has always enjoyed words and books, but she prefers poetry over all other literary pursuits. Becky explains her passion for poetry by explaining her rational for writing: "I like poems about famous people or animals. I like to pretend I am their helper. That way I get to know about them and be their friend."

Becky has illustrated some of her poems and feels inspired by Shel Silverstein, creator of Raining Pigs and Noodles and Where the Sidewalk Ends. Becky's giggled appreciation, "I like his books because they're so silly." Her comment reflects what so many others think of Shel Silverstein's work. When she isn't reading Shel Silverstein Becky enjoys the Harry Potter series, especially The Goblet of Fire.

When not reading, writing, or playing with her sister, Sara, and her cousin, Loren, Becky enjoys creating bug habitats, although she admits that she isn't as fond of the insects that reside there.

Becky offers these words of advice to other aspiring poets "to make a poem, think of rhyming words, then put those words into sentences, then take the rhyming words and put them at the end of the sentences."

Sounds like good advice, Becky. Congratulations to you and other young artists in Connecticut. We look forward to seeing your works published in the future.




Penguins, Penguins

They're as cute as can be

They like to swim in the ice, cold sea

In their own language

They chatter and chatter

And it seems as though they get fatter and fatter.

Its hard to believe, but they are a bird

And they do the silliest things that you have ever heard

Penguins really like to slide on the ice

You may not like squid, but they think it's nice

I like penguins

I really do

I like penguins

How about you?


By Becky


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