KIDS: Torrington Christmas House

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This is a ConneCT Kids favorite!
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"There never was such a Christmas House" - Bob Cratchit, A Christmas Carol
Ok, that is not quite the line from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, but we will be glad to take the blame for the misquote in this instance.
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Since 1982, Ron Merriman of Torrington CT, has been providing his neighbors, and a host of dedicated holiday admirers, with a spectacular display of Christmas lights, Christmas scenes, animated figures, angels, snowmen/snowwomen, dolls, stuffed animals, and just about every cartoon character that ever had a Christmas Special on TV or in the movies. If you had, or still have, a favorite character, from Frosty to Snoopy, chances are you will see it on display at the Torrington Christmas House.
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Our focus on this website has always been on the non-profit organizations. They usually do not have large advertising budgets, but they provide their communities with services impossible to obtain from the commercial enterprises simply because they do not have to generate profits and can focus instead on labors of love. Mr. Merriman's yearly offering is certainly all of that and more. Charging no admission, relying instead on contributions from visitors, Mr. Merriman must pay the over $1800+ electric bill generated by the month-long display. There is even free hot chocolate provided for visitors. Then there are the hundreds of unpaid setup hours it must take to get the display ready each year. Mr. Merriman is aptly named, for his is a house of merriment. 

Sadly, this may be the last year to  view the Christmas House. The property is currently in foreclosure proceedings and Mr. Merriman may be evicted in January, ending this unique holiday tradition. Mr. Merriman is seeking funding on GoFundMe at  He is also asking for additional in-person donations from visitors.
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Open for inside tours from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and outside from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM, daily from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas, this is a family holiday treat not to be missed. Come early and be prepared to be amazed by the amount and variety of Christmas memorabilia on display in one house. Once you come you will probably make the trip to Torrington a holiday tradition.
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This is a private home and the interior tour is probably not fully handicapped accessible, so parents should make their judgments, but the outside is viewable from the sidewalk, and is equally spectacular.
If you are as thrilled with the house as we have been over the years, then please consider a generous donation to help keep this tradition available for years to come. 
The Torrington Christmas House
Address: 285 Main St (near), Torrington, CT

Route 8 North - Take Route 8N to Exit 44. Cross East Main Street (past Burger King) and turn left on East Elm Street. Go under Route 8 and turn left onto Columbus Road. Take first right onto East Pearl Street. Follow East Pearl Street  to Main Street. The house is on Main Street just up from the corner.

Route 8 South - Take Route 8S to Exit 44. At bottom of ramp, cross East Elm Street onto Columbus Road. Take first right onto East Pearl Street. Follow East Pearl Street  to Main Street. The house is on Main Street just up from the corner.
Admission: Inside - donation.
Hours: Inside from 6 - 9 pm. Outside: 6 - 11 pm

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