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How did she become an artist? Here is Joy's story.
My Beginnings...
I can't remember a day that art was not part of my life.  For me, it started at the early age of four, with a pad of paper and a box of crayons. I grew up outside of Boston with many wonderful museums at my fingertips.  I was inspired by so many things in the city, from the colorful public gardens, to the weeping beech trees in the Boston Common.  I would crawl inside the cascading branches to view the world from the inside out.  
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People ask me all the time: where do I get my design ideas or how do I paint the way I do. The answer is simple. It comes from within and it is who I am.  It's the way I see the world....only through my eyes. I describe myself as seeing the world in detail, but students should know that in the same way, they each have that special ability to see the world as only they can. Therefore, they all have the potential to  make and enjoy art! 
Have you ever looked very closely at a plant or insect only to see more than you could ever have imagined?  If not, try it; you'll see things in detail as I do. Trying to capture these unique and beautiful details is what art is all about! 
{Joy Newton}

My Education:  I studied at two Art Schools (colleges):
The Art Institute of Chicago and Parsons School of Design in New York City. I majored in Communication Design (Graphic Design) and Scientific Illustration. Studying at these two  schools allowed me to learn about different areas of art and design.  Being in Chicago gave me the opportunity to live in a city full of beautiful architecture. In New York, I learned about the quiet beauty of the quaint village streets lined with glorious trees.  The experience of being a student in two wonderful cities with so many exciting things to take in only inspired me to create more. My education and my desire to capture Nature's beauty formed a strong foundation that would lead me to develop my own company, Joy Newton Designs. My co-workers and I now have many products that are sold nationally in a number of stores, museums and botanical gardens.
{Joy Newton}

All of our pieces start with careful observation of the specimen to be drawn or painted, and based on my original artwork, we make everything from jewelry to paperweights to journals to handbags...just about anything you can think of! I have learned that with the desire to capture something artistically, preserved in a moment of time, anything is possible.
{Picture of a brown chicken}

My Inspiration:  I'm inspired by so many things every day.  I love walking through the woods, working in my gardens, strolling on a beach with my Springer Spaniel, enjoying all of Mother Nature's beautiful forms and colors. I even find inspiration by watching and caring for my two chickens, Girl and Baby Girl, both of whom are now laying pale blue eggs! Inspiration comes from within.  We all find inspiration in different ways.  What inspires you to create something new or pick up a pen or pencil and draw?  That is inspiration.
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