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Would you like to be an artist but don't know what you want to paint?
West Granby, Connecticut artist Joy Newton finds lots of subjects for her drawings and designs right outside her door. Flowers, leaves, birds, animals - all have a beauty that you can see if you just stop and look around.  You can read the story of how Joy became an artist in Joy's Biography, or you can see some of her paintings and  pictures of her studio in her Gallery. For help in creating your own nature art, select Joy's Art Lesson. If you have questions about becoming a botanical artist or about her art lesson, you may email Joy at or visit her website at
{Picture of Purple Flowers in Joy Newton}
{Picture of Artist Joy Newton in doorway}
Nature Artist Joy Newton
{Painting of a Blue Bird with nest by Joy Newton}
Joy Newton is a nationally published artist who grew up in the world of plants. Her father was, and still is, an avid plant collector. His background in science. Her mother’s has a deep love and appreciation for nature. These combined to led her to career as a botanical artist.
About her Collections

Each illustration is faithfully reproduced using the finest American and European pigments available. Her extensive fine art education enables her to bring these plants and birds to life using colors running the full range from classic earth pigments to historical mineral colors.
{Flower Cards by Joy Newton}
Joy’s decorative art grows from a combination of her training in scientific illustration, which ensures a faithful rendering of the natural subject, employing a sense of light and color that gives great depth and dimension.
Her ever expanding collections include Home Accessories, Greeting Cards, Prints, Glass Paperweights and a line of Jewelry. Her designs are made using the finest quality materials available of imported terra-cotta, glass, sterling silver and lead crystal. Her products are sold by many stores, museums, botanical gardens, garden center boutiques and more. Many collectors prize her designs. They are also available on her website or at special exhibits.
Do you have questions about becoming an artist or about the drawing lesson? You can email Joy Newton at  or visit her website at

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