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Carolina to Connecticut
Middle School Students in Pitt County North Carolina Reach Out to Connecticut
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Although they are over 600 miles away from the tragedy in Sandy Hook Connecticut, middle school students in Grifton and Grimesland North Carolina are reaching out to Connecticut with their hearts, voices and creative skills. Under the guidance of their teacher, mentor and facilitator, Ms. Anne Abernathy Stallings, AIG students at G R Whitfield School wrote a song of hope and rememberance, while AIG students at Grifton School created a website to host the song and to share their care, concern and sympathy over the internet.
The message these students are sending to Connecticut is most clearly stated in the chorus and second verse of the song...
"Lean forward; don’t lean back
Take a step forward; not a step back
Positive steps and you’re on the right track
Keep leaning forward, and don’t lean back
No matter what happens, we’ll always be together
Distance may separate us, but we’ll remember forever
Look up and you will see the sky is still blue
Know we are here and thinking about you"
You are invited to read the full lyrics to the song and view their pages of rememberance on the website at  An audio file freaturing the students playing and singing their orignal composition will be availale in the near future.
Pitt County, North Carolina
Named for William Pitt the Elder, an English statesman and orator, born in London, England. who led the young "Patriot" Whigs and in 1756 became secretary of state, Pitt County was formed in 1760 from Beaufort County, through a legislative act that became effective on January 1, 1761. It shares its rural character with that of the Newtown Connecticut area.
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G. R. Whitfield School
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G.R. Whitfield is a PreK-8 school in Grimesland, NC. The campus includes 3 main buildings, the newest addition was completed in 2001. Special classes range from the TMD class to pullout AIG groups. The middle school offers clubs and athletics to our students including football, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball and baseball.
Grifton School
{Picture of Grifton School}

The vision of Grifton School is to create globally aware, lifelong learners that are independent, yet able to collaborate with each other.  Our students will demonstrate higher order thinking skills and become technologically aware through the implementation of the Common Core. Grifton students will exhibit leadership skills and will become morally responsible citizens.
ConneCT Kids joins with the students, teachers, parents and citizens of Connecticut in thanking these North Carolina studens for their expressions of support, friendship, love and sympathy which demonstrate again that communities may be separated by distance, but hearts are always neighbors.

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