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Art Miles Mural Project for Newtown
Fourteen Newtown Murals
Since the request for Newtown Murals was sent out by Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis of the Art Miles Murals Project, fourteen murals have been created and will be delivered to Newtown Connecticut. The 14 murals created by students from Empresa and Discovery Elementary Schools, California State University San Marcos, El Camino and San MarcosHigh Schools and the San Marcos Arts Council, as well as professional artists. The murals are 5 five high by 9 to 12 feet long and were designed and painted from our hearts. ConneCT Kids hopes that you might view these murals and be inspired to create your own expression of support and caring through a community-based art project. Select each image below to view a larger version.
Stop the Violence Mural
6 Angles Mural
Butterfly Mural
Every Time a Bell Rings Mural
Candles Mural
Hand In Hand Mural
Blocks of Peace Mural
Stairway to Heaven Mural
Dream On Mural 
Rainbows Mural
Culture of Peace Mural
Snowflakes Mural 
Heaven's Hands Mural
Tree of Names Mural 
Download Fourteen Murals File - You may download the murals archive file using the following link.
Fourteen Murals Archive File (.zip file 6.8mB)

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