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Art Miles Mural Project for Newtown
How can I show my support for the families and community of Newtown?
There are many ways that we can all show our support for the families and the community in this terrible tragedy. One that ConneCT Kids has featured in the past is the Art Miles Mural Project, which has brought together thousands of children, parents and educators throughout the world to participate in simple, yet meaningful and beautiful, expressions of love, support and solidarity for many wonderful causes and missions. You do not need any artistic ability or skill, just a desire to add your own individual art to a mural that will be much, much larger than the sum of its parts. This is truely love made visible through art.
{Picture of Students Viewing Art Miles Mural Project}
Our great friends Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis, the founders of the Art Miles Mural Project, have made an appeal for participants to create a mile of support for Newtown and its families:

Please help us create murals for Sandy Hook, Connecticut.....Please try to find a canvas and if not, we can provide canvas...please contact me asap so we can work together to send a huge visual message to the families there....we are already working hard to make this happen....our murals have always brought comfort and cheer to victims of natural and human disasters.  Please support our Culture of Peace and Non Violence/....Fouad and Joanne

{Picture of Students Viewing Art Miles Mural Project}

You may contact Joanne through the website or through her email . She will help you get started and give you all of the informaiton you need to get start creating your mural and to get others involved. Joanne is the National Commissioner, US National Commission for UNESCO and co-founder of the Art Miles Mural Project.

You may view a video of Joanne Tawfilis talking about the Art Miles Mural Project at


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