KIDS: Polk Elementary School TIC 2011-2012

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Yes, Polk Elementary School Fifth Grade teather Mrs. Jessica Sarandrea is back with another Trout in the Classroom project. After surviving her first TIC project last year with a successful release of trout fry into Branch Brook, Mrs. Sarandrea is back with more trout, more students, and more determination to raise Trout in the Classroom!
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ConneCT Kids has again received permission from the Polk Elementary School Administration and Mrs. Sarandrea to report on this project all the way to the release (hopefully) of the trout fry in the Spring of 2012. Raising a batch of brown trout in an elementary school classroom is not an easy thing to accomplish. In any artificial environment like this, there are many things that could happen to the eggs and the fry including disease, fungal infections, water problems and equipment failure. Mrs. Sarandrea and her students are not biologists or trained aquaculture experts. They are novices who are willing to take on a serious responsibility to gain a great learning experience.
This year's format will be more student-orientated, using daily log entries, student pictures, student descriptions and student comments. So Let's Begin!
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