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Polk Elementary School - Release Day - May 5, 2011
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The big day has finally arrived! The day when the trout will be released. The class is excited, Mrs. Sarandrea is excited and Classroom Aide Sue Petrok is excited. All of the preparations have been made and everything is ready. The Trout Club has designed and produced tee shirts for the class and for the Trout Unlimited volunteers who have made this project possible. There are special cupcakes to be shared after the release, lunches prepared, and a bus waiting at the front door. The trout will be released into Branch Brook, with flows through Black Rock State Park. This site was chosen because of its nearby location and the easy access to the stream for the students. While the day before was cold, gray and rainy, release day is sunny, bright, cool, breezy and dry.  A perfect day to send the trout off to test their survival skills in their native habitat.
This is the day that the students have worked for, and looked forward to, since September. It is a happy day, but there is just a touch of sadness in the students' eyes. They will be saying goodbye to some fish that have become an important part of their lives in, and out of, school. They have learned, and demonstrated,  a lot about caring for young trout from eggs to fry, water chemistry, aquaculture, testing routines, teamwork and responsibility. But it is that little touch of sadness that shows that they have learned the greatest lesson of all - the love of, and respect for, nature and all creatures large and small.
{Picture of TU Coordinators Preparing Trout to be Moved}
The TU Coordinators and Mrs. Sarandrea prepare the trout to be moved. The students in their new tee shirts wait to assist. 
{Picture of the New Blue Tee Shirts}
A student holds up the tee shirt designed by the Trout Club members.
Release Day cupcakes with candy fish and "No Fishing" signs ready to enjoy after the release.
TU Coordinators Ed Albrecht (L) and Al Concilio prepare the students to assist in the trout move.
{Picture of the Trout Fry in the Tank}
Last picture of the trout fry in the tank.
TU Coordinators Ed Albrecht and Al Concilio discuss the move.
The back of the tee shirt.
{Picture of Students Dipping Trout out of the Tank}
Another student takes a turn moving one of the fry.
Students line up to move the trout fry.
Another trout fry in the bucket.
Al Concilio describes the last trout he caught.
Mrs. Sarandrea checks the progress of the move.
Ed Albrecht and Al Concilio place the aerator in the holding bucket.
Trout fry safely stored in the aerated holding bucket.
The bus arrives at Black Rock State Park in Thomaston, Connecticut
Branch Brook on Release Day
Ed Abrecht explains the release procedure to the class and points out the release site.
TU Coordinator Dom Falcone leads the way as the class heads to the release site.
The class arrives at the release site and Al Concilio brings the holding bucket down to the stream.
Al Concilio gets the plastic cups that will hold the trout fry - one per student.
Students watcht he trout fry in the stream after release.
Students waiting for a spot to release their trout fry.
Another student gets their trout fry to release.
More cups and fry to release.
{Picture of the Principal at the Edge of the Stream}
School Principal Emily Judd watches the release process from the edge of the stream
After all of the fry are released, Ed Albrecht and Al Concilio demonstrated the procedure for trapping and studying stream invertibrates (insects that trout feed on).
Students pick out invertibrates in the net with tweezers.
Students busy finding invertibrates in the net.
Ed Albrecht wraps up the release by helping the students identify the invertibrates and determine the stream quality by the amounts found.
Photo Files
All of the photos above and more may be downloaded in the following files (.Zip files -  131 mB, 132 mB and 96 mB).
The pioneering students of Mrs. Sarandrea's 2010 - 2011 Fifth Grade Class will be moving on to summer fun and the sixth grade next Fall. There will be a new class of fifth graders in Mrs. Sarandrea's classroom in September, and we are pretty certain that they will be participating in a new Trout in the Classroom project with the help of the local Trout Unlimited coordinators, Classroom Aide Sue Petrok, and Mother Nature. With a little luck they too will be able to say "I helped raise 200 trout!"
ConneCT Kids thanks everyone involved in this project for helping us to share it with students and teachers everywhere. We hope that through our efforts, many more schools will recognize the value of participating in this valuable program and the opportunities it affords students for learning and growth.
A special thanks to the following trout heroes:
Ms. Emily Judd, Principal  
Mrs. Jessica Sarandrea, Teacher  
Ms. Sue Petrok, Classroom Aide  
Ed Albrecht Connecticut Trout in the Classroom Coordinator  
Al Concilio TU Nutmeg Chapter TIC Coordinator  
Dom Falcone - TU Nutmeg Chapter TIC Coordinator
And, of course, the Students of Mrs. Sarandrea's 2010 - 2011 Fifth Grade Class - Great Job Kids!
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