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The Beardsley Zoo Begins a Trout in the Classroom Program
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While there is no evidence that James W. Beardsley, the wealthy Bridgeport land owner, farmer and cattle dealer who in 1875 donated 100 acres of land to the city to create a park, ever fished for brook trout in the Poquonnock River that flows near the park, if he did he would certainly be pleased with the new Trout in the Classroom program starting soon at the Beardsley Zoo.
{Picture of the Statue of James W. Beardsley at the Park Entrance}
Statue of James W. Beardsley at Park Entrance
The Zoo, in cooperation with the Nutmeg Chapter of Connecticut Trout Unlimited, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, and with a grant from the Science Education Center in Greenwich (SEC), has established a classroom facility, complete with a tank and all the necessary equipment. They will be offering the program to selected 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from Bridgeport schools. While there will be a focus on involving young women in science programs, the students will be teacher-selected from the entire student body at each school using the parameters of grades, aptitude and attitude. Eight students each will be selected from two Bridgeport schools for a total of sixteen students.
{Picture of the Beardsley Zoo Trout in the Classroom Staff}
Beardsley Zoo Trout in the Classroom Staff
Maggie Sackrider (L), Chris Clark, Denise Lukienchuck, Jim Knox
The students will attend sixteen workshops at the Zoo in morning sessions every two weeks. They will not only participate in the routine duties of raising trout from eggs to fry such as monitoring water quality and tank maintenance, they will be learning about the biodiversity of the Bridgeport area in general, and the Poquonnock River specifically by doing stream habitat surveys.
{Picture of Classroom Tank with Brook Trout}
 Trout in the Classroom Tank at the Beardsley Zoo
By establishing this program, the Beardsley Zoo will be increasing its educational offerings to Bridgeport schools, many of which already visit the Zoo on a regular basis. The Zoo will be backing the program with its significant resources and knowledge in the care and protection of wildlife.
{Picture of Poquonnock River Upstream}
{Picture of Poquonnock River Flat Run}  
{Picture of a Fast Run on the Poquonnock River Near the Zoo}
Pictures of the Poquonnock River Near the Beardsley Zoo
ConneCT Kids will be following the progress of this program in the future and will post regular updates. For information on the program you may contact Jim Knox, Education Director, at 203-394-6563. The Beardsley Zoo is located at 1875 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06610.
A mystery! James W. Beardsley was severely injured during a robbery at his home on the evening of December 22, 1892. While he gave the robbers $60 and a gold watch, they inflicted injuries from which he never recovered and which where the cause of his death on January 1, 1893, New Year's Day. He was 73 years old. While an elderly hermit who Beardsley had recently evicted from his property and who had threatened Beardsley was suspected, the crime was never solved.
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