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Polk Elementary School - The Trout Club
Being an excellent teacher, Mrs. Sarandrea uses every opportunity to get the students involved, and to help them explore and develop their talents. So she organized the Trout Club in connection with the Trout in the Classroom Project. The club meets before school on Wednesdays, and the student volunteers are working on three projects.
  1. An original tee shirt design. The shirts will be produced by a local tee shirt printer, and each student will receive one.
  2. A scrap book of all the Trout in the Classroom materials.
  3. A PowerPoint presentation about the project that will be shown at a future town meeting.
 The Trout Club Pictures - March 23, 2011
Mrs. Sarandrea and the Trout Club Members discuss the projects
Trout Club Members working on the scrapbook
Trout Club Members working on the design for the back of the tee shirt
Trout Club Members working on the scrapbook
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