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{Picture of a Red Fox in the Sunlight}
Red Fox
Have you seen a 4-legged animal a little bigger than a cat and a little smaller than the average dog creeping by the edge of your yard? Did it look like it was sneaking around right near where the bushes and trees begin? Was its coat reddish and its legs and ears black? Maybe you saw a white-tipped tail and dark feet?  If you did, you might have seen a Red Fox hunting in your neighborhood. Some people say foxes act like cats but these beautiful animals are members of the dog family like ones you or your friends may own, but they are not pets. Do not feed foxes and do not try to make them pets. They weigh about 10 to 11 pounds and the males are a little bit bigger than the females.
{Picture of a Grey Fox Looking at the Camera}
Grey Fox
Connecticut is also home to the Gray Fox, and sometimes you can confuse the two because the gray fox can have rusty red fur on its ears, ruffs, and neck. But, the gray fox has a gray coat, with a whitish belly, throat, and chest. A clue to tell them apart is the gray fox does not have a white-tip on the tail like the red fox.
{Picture of a Red Fox Chasing a Mouse in the Snow}
Red Fox Chasing a Mouse
Foxes have very good hearing. They can hear the tiny little mice they are hunting rustling through grass. The red fox is an omnivore. Other foods foxes like are small rodents, squirrels, woodchucks, rabbits, birds and eggs. They will also eat fruits, nuts, insects and Yuk, garbage!
{Picture of Two Red Fox Cubs}
Red Fox Cubs
{Picture of Two Grey Fox Cubs}
Grey Fox Cubs
Cubs are born in the spring and they usually have 3 or 4 brothers or sisters. The mom and dad make a den in an old woodchuck hole or sometimes right under a deck on a house! They like to have a few different dens and will move the cubs if they in danger. Do not move the cubs if they are near your house! The mom or dad are probably just hunting for food nearby. Foxes are seen night and day but usually hunt at dawn and dusk. Foxes do not hibernate. When they lie down to rest or sleep in their dens, the fox will curl its long, bushy tail around its body to stay warm like a house cat does.
{Drawing of Fox Prints}
Fox Prints
Farmers had a hard time catching the fox that would sneak into chicken coops at night to eat the eggs or chickens!  The saying “You’re as sneaky or as sly as a fox” is said of people who are good at trying to trick or fool other people.
{Cartoon Drawing of a Fox Holding a Chicken}
Sneaky Fox
Brush – The tail of a fox
Cub – A baby fox
Den – The hidden home of a wild animal
Hibernate – A deep sleep in winter
Omnivore – An animal that eats both plant and animal food
Ruffs – Around the neck, like a collar

The Tomten and the Fox,  by Astrid Lindgren

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