KIDS: Polk Elementary School Feeding the Fry

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Polk Elementary School - Feeding the Trout Fry
The trout have been moved to the big tank from the egg basket, and are now actively feeding. The students share the feeding and maintenance duties. Care must be taken not to over-feed the fry which could result in uneaten food providing a environment that would encourage the growth of bacteria. Students must carefully monitor the color and clarity of the water, and quickly remove any dead fry. While there have been some losses, most of our fry are health and active.
Many of the trout fry have developed Parr Marks, which are vertical marks on the sides of the fish. They will keep these until their skin is pigmented enough to cover them, usually about one year. Our trout fry are now Parr Fry and they will be in this stage until they are released in the Spring.
  {Picture Showing a Small Rainbow Trout with PARR Marks}
Small rainbow trout with Parr Marks on sides
Photo used by permission of Alex Netherton
{picture of the Trout Fry in the Big Tank}
Trout fry swimming at different levels in the big tank
{Picture of Smaller Fry Sheltering by the Aerator}
A few of the smaller fry sheltering by the aerator
{Closeup Picture of the Main School of Fry}
The main school of fry in the tank
Close-up of main school of fry to showing Parr Marks - Select the picture to see a larger view 
{Picture of the Trout Tank in the Classroom}
The trout tank in the classroom
{Picture of Trout Journal Near Tank}
Trout Journal
{Student Feeding the Trout Fry}
Student preparing to feed the trout fry
{Student Feeding the Trout Fry and Doing Tank Maintenance}
Student feeding the trout fry and doing tank maintanence
{Picture Showing the Amount of Food Fed to the Fry Pinched Between Two Fingers}
Student showing how much food is fed to the trout fry - just a pinch
{Three Students Pointing to the Groups of Trout Fry}
Three students pointing to the groups of trout fry in the tank
{Two Students Pointing to the Groups of Trout Fry int he Tank}
Two students pointing to the groups of trout fry in the tank
{Five Students in Front of the Tank}
Five student in front of the tank
{Student Holding the Trout Journal in Front of the Tank}
Student holding the Trout Journal in front of the tank
Photo File
All of the photos above and more may be downloaded in the following file (.Zip file 32 mB)
This is the last major event until release in the Spring, about 8 weeks away.
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