KIDS: Polk Elementary School TIC Trout Move

Polk Elementary School TIC Trout Move

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Polk Elementary School - The Trout are Moving to the Big Tank
January 27, 2010
Our Sack-Fry have consumed all of the nutrients in their egg sacks, and are passing through the Swim-Up Stage. This is when they swim up looking for food. As they begin to feed, they will be in the Fry Stage. They are getting bigger, and the egg basket is getting crowded. It is time to move them out of the egg basket into the big tank. There have been some losses, but that is normal.
Photos - Photos by Jessica Sarandrea
{Picture of Egg Basket with Trout Fry}
Trout Fry in the egg basket
{Picture of Trout Being Moved to the Tank}
The egg basket is getting crowded, time to move the fry to the big tank
{Picture of Students Moving the Fry to the Tank}
Students carefully move the fry out of the egg basket into the tank
{Picture of Students Moving the Trout Fry out of the Egg Basket}
Moving Day for the trout fry
{Close up Picture of Students moving the Trout Fry}
Moving the fry into the big tank
{Picture of Students Checking the Progress of the Trout Fry}
Students check the progress of the trout fry as they move to the big tank
The next step will be feeding the trout fry in the big tank.
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