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Trout in the Classroom - Polk Elementary School
Polk Elementary School - The Trout are Hatching Visit
December 14, 2010
It is now almost a month since our last visit, and most of the eyed trout eggs have developed to the egg-sac alevin or sac-fry stage. The young trout have hatched from the egg, but remain attached to the egg sac. Since they are not yet eating food, all of their nutrition comes from the egg yolk. They are kept in the egg basket. If they were in a stream, they would remain hidden in gravel. The students check for any fry that have not hatched properly, are abnormal, and for any eggs that have turned white.
The students must now closely monitor the water temperature, ph level and water condition. Any fungal growths must be removed. The tank is still covered except for water testing.
Only a few eggs have had to be removed. Do you know how they are removed? Answer  
{Picture of the Hatched Sac Fry in the Egg Basket}
Hatched sac-fry and remaining eggs in the egg basket
{Close-up Picture of Sac-Fry in the Egg Basket}
Close-up view of the sac-fry and remaining eggs. Can you see the egg yolks?
What is the dark line down the bodies of the young trout? Answer
{Picture of Boxes of Water Treatment Supplies near Tank }
Boxes of water testing and treatment supplies next to the tank
{Picture of the Tank Filter}
The filter and water conditioning unit on top of the tank
{Picture of Student Checking Water Test Strip}
Checking the water test kit instructions 
{Students Collect Water Samples}
Students take water samples while Mrs. Sarandrea coordinators
Dom Falcone and Al Concilio discuss the project progress
{Picture of Water Test Kit}
Water test kit and color chart
{Picture of Test Equipment next to Tank}
Do you remember what the turkey baster is for? Answer
{Picture of Students Chjecking Test Results}
The students carefully check the instructions sheets
{Picture of Students Taking Water Samples}
Taking more water samples
{Picture of Student Replacing Tank Cover}
Replacing the cover on the top of the tank after testing 
{Picture of Posted Test Procedures}
Water test instruction sheet #1
{Picture of Posted Test Procedures}
Water test instruction sheet #2
Photo File
All of the pictures above and more may be downloaded in the following file (.Zip file 13 mB)
The next major event will be when the young trout shed the egg sacs and begin to eat.
Answers to Questions:
1. Using a turkey baster or other suction device keeping hands out of the water.
2. The dark lines down the bodies of the sac-fry are the spines.
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