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Participating Teacher Comments
Below are comments and observations from teachers participating in the Trout in the Classroom Program. We hope that you will find them interesting and useful.
Rick Rossi, Ashford School, Ashford
09-15-10  Our tank is already set up and running.  We are going to use it for other purposes until the trout arrive.  We are looking forward to getting our trout.  Last year, we had about 90% survival of our eggs and released about 90 trout.  
Donna Dufresne, Barbara Walters, and Paul Burelle, Chaplin Elementary School, Chaplin
10-04-2010 TIC fits in perfectly with our WATERWORKS program and the science frameworks  6:1 & 6:4. The data collecting, charting and graphing fits in well with our math program.
Laura Ashburn, East Lyme High School, East Lyme
10-05-10 This has been a great asset to my environmental program.
Jason England, Fitch Senior High School, Groton
09-27-10  Two classes of environmental science for 46 total students.  "Id like to see if there were other streams in Groton that would be good for release that might also facilitate student/teacher access.  Does the DEP have a list of streams that would be good for release or would I need to find some streams with access and then ask about the suitability of those streams.  I am just looking for ways to increase the role (specifically ease of access) TIC plays in my classroom activities."
Alden Minor, Franklin Elementary School, North Franklin
09-21-10  Great year which teacher contributes to (1) covering intake for filter with fine mesh, (2) changed out 3 gallons of water daily, (3) maintained water temperature no higher that 47 degrees
Tony Therrien, Killingly Intermediate School, Dayville
09-15-10  "Many of the students are very interested in the progress of the trout as well as if any die.  They always want to hold funeral ceremonies.  It has been a very interesting first year for me."
Seth Yarish, Norwich Free Academy, Norwich
09-15-10 All students involved directly (41) (as part of class activity) or indirectly (60)(who just observed tank) were amazed at the hatching and growth of the fish. Many had never ever see eggs hatch and develop. Most knew of trout, but never thought of the developmental process....basically how hard it is to become a large adult fish.
Ann Theriault, Myron Huntley, Maintenance Supervisor, Beth Troeger, Paul Sanderson and David Bingham, Norwich Integrated Day Charter School, Norwich
09-24-10 "Yes, we're planning to continue with the program this year. We're really looking forward to it!"  We incorporated the TIC project into our study of watersheds and water quality. Students learned how to test for water quality in the river and used what they had learned about trout to determine the better of two release points based on their data. It was a very valuable project, but hard to manage on my own. I would love some teaching resources that are specifically related to the Connecticut Science Core Framework standards.
Pamela Cavanagh, Windham High School, Willimantic
10-04-10  As a biology teacher, this opportunity is an excellent way to teach about homeostasis and the environment.
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