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Trout in the Classroom - Polk Elementary School
Polk Elementary School TIC Student Journal
{Cartoon Drawing of a Fish Writing in a Journal}
Trout in the Classroom is a great experience. The best part so far was setting up the tank. I have an idea for a job. My thought was any job we need. It would be great to have group jobs to work on team work. Also, every group could rotate jobs. Thatís all. Thank you.
Dear trout Scientists,
I greatly enjoyed the setting up of the fish tank. My dad and I go fishing all the time. He is a member of trout Unlimited. I enjoyed the time I spent after school with you guys. I learned so much. I really liked to look and learn with the rest of the students. Our teacher showed us the pictures that you took. I really like the noise of the filter when we are working. I think it makes us remember and listen better. I also think it makes us be quiet so we can listen to the cool sound.
I helped the trout people set up the tank. I learned lots of stuff. Like I learned that if we have white eggs we have to take it out of the tank immediately. A white egg means that the egg has a crack in it and bacteria have gotten into it. The bacteria can infect the other eggs. This most likely means that one of the fish could have two heads or more. I hope all our eggs survive.
When I stayed and helped you with the trout it was so fun. I loved it. I can't wait till November when we get the eggs,  I believe.  When it is my turn to watch the tank, I will remember to do the things and what the guys told us.  I will also help my classmates in my group. I hope this will be fun, and I think it will be.
{Cartoon Drawing of a Fish Writing in a Journal}
I canít believe the trout eggs were delivered today!!!
I really hope that we donít get any white eggs! If they stay in there too long, then all of the other eggs will die too. Right when the eggs came in I was as excited as a dog that is about to go on a walk. That would be weird if one of our eggs come out with 3 heads. But it would also mean that it was sick and was going to die. I hope that we will at least have 50 trout living. They are so small so they must be brand new. They look like small eyeballs. We begin off with 200 eggs. But probably a lot of them might die. So I hope a lot of them live and none of them die.
There were 200 of them. They were so small. They looked like peas. They were pink. I got to hold a thermometer in the container with the eggs in it. Trinity got to put the container in the tank, and Mirlinda got to pour the eggs in the tank. The tank is 43-42 degrees. We keep the tank covered because it provides darkness to the eggs and keeps the degrees low.  Keep an eye on the tank temperature. Check thermometer daily. The fry stage will last about 6-8 weeks. Some fish will never learn to eat and die those fish are called pinheads. On Friday December 3rd, 2010 hopefully they will hatch all. On November 30th 2010 2 eggs hatched.
I canít believe the trout eggs were delivered! They are so very small! I wonder if there will be any white eggs. My class was thrilled when they heard the eggs were coming. Now they are here! I hope it teaches us how hard it is to raze a living thing. I wonder if itís really, really, really hard.
It is Friday now and we arenít as excited. We are more worried. We are worried because we donít want sick white eggs. All though it is how life works. Some live and some will die over time.
We got 200 eggs about. We will be surprised if only 2 live. That is our minimum. Our exceptions are not high or not to low. They are kind of in the middle. We hope 5 or 6 will live but maybe 2 or 3 would be good to.
Another month will come soon it has only been 2 days. In a month or so we will probably have trout not eggs. It would be cool to see trout with more than 1 head. If we do see that we need to take it out. My groups turn to take care of the tank and eggs are next week.
I hope none will turn white or just not be born. The next day will come which is Saturday and Sunday. We will need to believe that none will be harmed or white or just plain dead. My experience was good. We got taught how to take care of them. I donít remember the guyís names. He is a retired science teacher. He was smart and still is.
But now it is Wednesday. One died of whiteness. No we have 199 eggs. That is my experience so far of trout in my classroom.
The nice man came in and he had a big bucket and pulls out a little container with thousands of little pink eggs and someone got the honors of putting them in the tank. The eggs had to be put into the tank while they were still in the container. When you look through the tank window they all look white. In three days the rest of the eggs will hatch in two have already hatched. They are so small and tiny.  They are as small as a bug.  We have to be careful that we donít take the eggs out of the tank if they arenít white. This is a great experience for everyone. (Tic) or trout in the classroom is a FUN THING FOR EVERYONE. I think this will be a good experience there are 200 eggs but we lost two so that makes 198 trout eggs left.  If we overfeed them than as we say; when in doubt underfeed them.

I canít believe the trout eggs came in today!!! It was so exciting and freaky to see the fish eggs. They wear orange and had a black dot in the front I thought it was an eye and I was right. There also was a white line that was the troutís spine. If you look at the bottom of the egg there was a red dot it was its heart.
If the egg gets sick it will turn white and if you do not take it out fast it will infect the whole tank. The way you get them out is if you have a turkey josser thing to suck the dead fish eggs out of the tank. If the fish do not eat their food you have to change the water and then they should eat. If the fish stay at the bottom of the tank you have to change the water again. You have to change the water every 48 hours. You cannot over feed fish or they can get sick.
The fish eggs we get will be called eyed eggs. They spend about 2 weeks in this stage some bigger fish might eat the smaller fish. If the water is warmer the fish egg will develop faster if the water is colder it will develop slower.
You must check your temperature daily. The swim up stage lasts for 1 week or less. This is when the egg sacs become used up and they began to swim to the surface looking for food. That is why I can't believe the trout came in today.
Wow finally, we have been waiting for so long! They finally came on Wednesday morning at 10:15. It was an exciting moment for all of us. Watching the little eggs being dumped into the tank was breath taking. The eggs will have to be monitored. We will also have to feed them.
The eggs came in one little Tupperware. There were 200 in all!!! I thought it was a terrifying moment when Trenity brought them over Mrs. Sarandrea had to pull sticks to see who did things. This is what we did that day.
Once in the tank the eggs will be monitored. One white egg could spoil the whole batch. When there is a white egg we will have to take it out with an eye dropper. This is how we have to take care of the eggs once they are in the tank.
There are different types of food for all different types of sizes. There is one bag for small fish. There is one for the middle size fish. There is also a bag for the bigger fish. My dad asked Mrs. Sarandrea if the fish will eat bugs, but they wonít. That is what the fish want at each time of the process.
 When it was all over the attention raised to us to see if we could raise their trout!   

I cant believe the trout are being delivered today.
It is awesome as xbox 360 I cannot wait until .
They hatch it will be so fun. Trout are my favorite
Fish. When they hatch I am going to eat them all.
It will be tasty  yumm yumm fishy.
That is why I am so happy that the trout are being
Delivered today.
When the eggs got delivered it only looked like there were 50 of them.  Turns out there were 200 eggs.  I said that canít possibly be 200 eggs in that tank!  We go to the tank and we see paper fish that my class made.  We see a peep hole itís a flap when you pull it down you can see the fish eggs.  That peep hole is to spy on the eggs and see if any of them are white.
The people that came to deliver the eggs gave us their food. There were three bags - one had a 0 on it.  It was pulverized the 2nd one had a 1 on it. It was not that pulverized. The 3rd bag was not even pulverized.
Chris brought in our new fish mascot. The shocking part is it has a real fish hook in the fishís mouth.   The fish eggs are so cute. I am so glad that we did this program we lost 1 fish on the way now we only have 199 fish he/she died because Mrs. Sarandrea touched one of them.
 I canít believe the trout eggs were delivered today. I hope at least 5 of them survive. If some are pinheads (small body, big head) they will not survive. If one has more than one head you must take them out of the tank. Some may not learn how to feed then die. If one of the eggs turns white you must take it out as soon as possible or the infection will spread and they all will die.
We got so many eggs! We got 200 eggs. I canít wait for them to hatch. They will hatch around Christmas present. If one turns white you take it out with a turkey baster. When they hatch if they are on the blue part of the hatching basket they will get stuck there.
After they hatch it will be very hard to take care of them. We will have to take the P.H. levels of the water. We have to check the temperature daily and log it on the calendar. We have to change the water and look for Godzillas (larger fish that may eat other fish) and put them in the hatching basket.
Here are some fish facts. The fry stage will last 8-10 weeks. Sick fish will float around the tank- remove them quickly. Only feed them what they can eat in a few minutes. The Parr stage last the rest of the time. I think thatís enough fish facts for now.
I canít wait to let the trout go! In May we go to Black Rock to let them go. This is the time we have to say bye to the trout. They want us to get at least 2 of them to survive. The class wants to get at least 10 to survive. If we get at least 10 to survive I will be as happy as a clam. Thatís all I could say about trout for now.
I am still wondering how many eggs we can save? I was very excited when they were delivered to us. But I canít wait till they hatch and we can watch them. I can make a connection because I have a beta fish and I had it since it was an egg.
When where going to have to feed them and take ph levels thatís going to be even more fun. Itís going to sad when we have to release them. Thatís what I still worry about sometimes. A month after they were delivered two of them hatched and still are eating the egg sack. We already came up with names for them monster and orange glow because the sounds right for them. Thatís   what I like or wonder about the trout.

I can`t believe the eggs were delivered! They were orange! They were also as small as a Öwell actually smaller than a peanut! They had little black eyes! Can you believe that! 
The water had to be 42 degrees for a week before the eggs can go in. The tank has a little peep hole so you see the eggs. After two days the eggs look the same.
According to the trout unlimited guy the eggs should hatch over X mas in the temp it is set at. Sometimes we need to change a gallon of water. I can`t wait to learn how to do that!
Today Mrs. Sarandrea taught us how to test the water. (Donít put more than your finger tips in the tank). Put how many drops of the bottles told to. Put against paper see and done! That is my experience (so far) with the trout!
I am so excited! I wonder how big they will be. I bet they are as small as a single snowflake! Plus, there will be 200 eggs! Did you know that the eggs we will be getting are called eyed eggs? They will last two weeks in this stage.
I canít believe the trout eggs were delivered today!!! Wow! Look at all those eggs. I didnít know they would be this color, they are orange with two black spots on each egg. The black spots are the eyes developing .After the trout men show us the eggs we have to test the temperature that the eggs were in and match it to the temperature of the tank. Once we did that we had to set the eggs in the container they were in to match the temperature of the tank. After the eggs matched the same temperature of the tank we gently poured them in. If there was any white eggs we would take the eggs out with a turkey baster .
Every day someone would look at the temperature and mark it down .Also when they are looking at the temperature they look for white eggs. White eggs are bacteria .If we find one white egg but donít take it out the bacteria will spread to every single egg.
Once the eggs will sit in there for a little bit we will check the water. We look for four things in the water .We only have to check the water once every week. When the fish eggs hatch it will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I canít wait until those fish eggs hatch into trout.
Brrr! Did you know that the tank has to be at least 42 degrees for the eggs to live in it? That is pretty cold! In fact, that is almost as cold as ice! Plus, 32 degrees is the freezing point for water. Forty- two degrees is pretty close to that!
I wonder what the fish will eat. Maybe they eat regular fish food. Did you know that some fish will never learn to eat and will die? These fish have big heads and little bodies. These fish are called pinheads. They will most likely not survive. Their heads are as big as apples! 
Did you know that trout that live in different environments can have dramatically different colorations and patterns? These colors and patterns can sometimes serve as camouflage for the fish. Each environment is different, so each camouflage is different. However, this probably can only happen in the wild. There camouflage is like an illusion. These are some facts about trout!   
I canít believe the trout eggs were delivered today!!I am as happy as a dog on a walk!!!!I canít believe we got our fish eggs today. When the gentlemen walked into our room he really surprised us. Why you ask? The reason why is because he walked in with a bucket. When one of the gentlemen opened the bucket he pulled out a little container, filled with the fish eggs. As soon as I saw the container it did not look like 200 fish eggs.
The only that I am personally worried about is that over the weekend one fish egg or more could turn white. If that does happen that means that, that fish is sick. If it is sick than we have to take it out with a turkey baster. Yet if we donít take it out than it might spread to all the other eggs. If this happens than we wonít have any fish at all.
OH yes I almost forgot to ask you! Do you want to hear about our schedule? Everyday we have check the temperature and log it onto a piece of paper. We also have to check for white eggs. Then every Wednesday
Someone has to add stress slime to the tank. Also every week we have to check and log the water levels and check for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. So these are the things that I am looking forward to this year with our trout eggs!!!!

I was wondering if weíre going to have a pinhead.
Also there are 2 white eggs. A white egg means the fish in the egg is dying or dead. If there is a white egg in the weekend it might spread to the other fish and they will die. Some fish will never learn to eat those are called a pin head. A pinhead has a big head but a small body.
We put 25 mL of bacteria in the tank every Wednesday. We have to check the tank every day. On Tuesday we check for nitrites, nitrate, ammonia, ph. If you look closely in the tank you can see their eyes. 2 eggs died and 2 hatched already.  Itís early for them to hatch but the rest hopefully will hatch on Friday December 3rd, 2010. If we have at least made it for 2 fish to survive then we accomplished our goal.

I canít wait to see them theyíre so cool. They might be colored my two favorite colors green, or blue. Soon were going to start feeding them and putting in more chemicals. We also have to check the temperature of the tank. I wish they hatched right now!
Have you ever seen Trout eggs before I did? Thereís so many trout eggs it not even funny. Those eggs are as small as a dust mite. There is 200 eggs thatís a lot of eggs I wish I had 100 sisters and 99 brothers! The eggs are so cool!
Have you ever seen fish eggs hatch? There are two in my class that did! The color is orange of the eggs the fish I did not see yet. Iím sure the fish look amazing can just imagine them right now! I canít wait until I see them the must be so cute!
Trout Eggs
Iím as happy as a clown! It was the moment that we had new trout eggs! I almost fainted they were so adorable. Iím naming one Star. They said we have 200 but it only looked like 50-70 to me though. They have this black dot and the Trout Unlimited people say itís the fishís eye! The eggs are most likely to hatch around Christmas! We want the temperature to stay low like around 40 degrees so the eggs will grow slower! They grow faster when the water is warmer! Trout Unlimited told us we were going to have at least 2 survive hopefully 2 survive before we let them go. I thought it was sad at first. I will look at the eggs every time before dismissal. I want to see if any white eggs appear. If thereís white eggs it means they will die. They need to be kept in perfect condition. (If they donít eat they are called pinheads. You can only feed them as much as they need in a few minutes. You need to check ammonia levels regularly with your testing kit.)Well thatís all for now!  
I canít believe the trout eggs are being delivered today!!! This is the best day ever we got to see the fish eggs get put in the tank. When I saw eggs it looked like there were 50 eggs but really thereís 200 eggs. The tank is 50 gallons. It is like 3 quarters the size as me. So the tank is about 33 inches. I canít wait tell they hatch.
Some jobs needed to care for the trout are: check for white eggs. If eggs are white that means they are sick and have to be taken out with a turkey bester . You also have to check for eggs that hatched. Check for pinheads. Pinheads have small body sans big heads. They will not survive. These fish will not learn how to eat. Also you look for odd fish these fish have 2, 3, maybe 4 heads. You will have to feed them every day when they hatch. You will have to test the water once a week and test it 3 times a week when the eggs hatch. These are some of the jobs with the fish and eggs.
This is one awesome day when the eggs were delivered. I canít wait until they hatch. When they hatch we will have a lot of fish
When we got them, they looked like bugs that were so small.  I canít wait for them to hatch!
The main thing you have to do right now is watch them.  You need to see if there are any white eggs, because they can spread and then you wonít have a lot of trout.  Make sure to look every day Ė especially Fridays!
When feeding them, you need to feed them #0 first, then #1 as they get bigger and finally #2 when they are done growing.  It is important to feed them because if you donít, they could die.
When the eggs turn white, you need to take them out with a squeezy thing.  We call it that because we donít know what it is called.
These are some facts about the trout.  If the water is warm, they will develop faster.  Some bigger fish may eat the smaller fish.  The bigger fish need to be moved to the egg net.  You must keep your eye on the temperature.
Some of the fish are as cute as a button.  These are the facts you need to know to do this.

I am happy that the trout eggs were delivered.  It is as fun as having 20 boxes of pizza!  It is the greatest thing we have done yet.  I like having the trout because we will be able to release them at the end of the year.  This is so exciting to have the trout eggs.
Having trout eggs is not all that easy.  It has a lot of responsibilities.  You have to check the tank for white eggs.  You have to check the water once a week.  You have to make sure they donít hatch right away.  Thatís some of the things you have to do if you have trout!

There are no white eggs so far and I hope there are none.  I absolutely donít want pinheads or fish that have two heads either.
The trout people tricked us. They brought in a bucket and I thought that bucket was full of trout eggs, but the eggs were in a small container inside that bucket.  You can see their bodies inside the eggs.  That is what happened when the trout eggs were delivered.
When the people came in they bought a really large bucket, but when they opened it there was nothing but a small container. The container was filled withÖTHE EGGS!!! The trout eggs were as small as a pebble! The man was talking about the fish, like there is 200 eggs and watch out for white eggs because they can spread diseases and kill other fish eggs. Mrs. Sarandrea pulled sticks to help the man. Alyssa got called to check the temperature. I got called to carry the eggs to the tank. Man, I was so scared that I might drop them. I love that the eggs are here!
Dear Journal,
All the eggs hatched it is so exciting. I think that the fish will be brown. I also think that they will get about 2 in. long!!! I am looking forward to letting them go I am also looking forward to changing the water. I am as jumpy as a jumping bean. That is what I predict and what I am looking forward to.
Dear trout unlimited,
I am so excited that all but one of our trout eggs hatched! Did you know they could have more than one head? I am looking forward to letting the trout go in May. I will be sad and happy. I will be sad because I will have to say bye to the trout. I will be happy because we will get to see what we accomplished in the school year.
I predict we will get at least 70 to 75 to survive. If we get that many I will be as happy as a clam. I think this because 182 of them hatched so far. I also think this because we are doing really good taking care of them. I am also exited for the last one to hatch. That is what I am looking forward to and predicting.
190 out of 200 eggs have hatched and we are in the hundreds. The most things I am looking forward to be when we release them it will be as fun as a barrel of monkeys. I predict that they will be a fair size and will be brown. They will still always be special to everyone because we raised them from little eggs into big fish I canít wait to see wait the final look of them will be. There is also a fishy smell coming from the tank and we are fanning it off. They will always still be awesome in mine and everyoneís heart. Did you know that when in doubt under feed them? Did you also know that the fish will stay in a fry stage for 3 weeks? That is all about the fish that I know .
December 15, 2010
Wow! Almost all of the fish have hatched! This is an exciting moment for all of us. We have been waiting for so long to see this transformation happen. Now we can see the egg sacks being consumed. I think we are all looking forward to the end result in spring. I am looking forward to it for sure! It might be as hot as a desert. I rember the time when I went fishing and it was 90 degrees. One thing I am looking forward to is about 60 or 70 survived. I do not know if that is unreasonable but that is what I think.This is what I am predicting and looking forward to for the future.
Did you know that 99% of the trout have hatched? Our fish now have their eggs under them. It is as cool as going to see a move. They are so small they look like a little tadpole. That is a few facts about are trout now.
Gees what some of our fish hatched! Sometimes I look at the fish I see them on top of each and another. Same times they wag their tails. It is hard to count them sometimes. A lot of people say that it is hard taking the steles out of the tank when the fish are in the net. Another thing I am looking for is going to Black Rock     
Did you ever have 91% of fish hatch? It is so exciting that all the eggs hatched besides 1.I hope all the fish live in the tank. Iím looking forward to go on the field trip to let them go. The egg shells are as white as clouds. This is what I think is going to happen to the fish.
Did you know we will let the trout go at Black Rock? Trout are as slimy as a slug. There is one more egg to be hatched! I predict in the future they will be really big. I am looking forward to keep one. They are really cool. We have more than 150 hatched eggs. This is how excited I am about the trout.
100% of people love our fish. DO YOU! I predict in the future that we will have a lot of healthy fish. They still have their egg sack on them. They need to eat there egg sacks to be a real fish. Our fish are as small as a tick. The teacher said there might not be a lot of fish left. She said the mite only be 4 or 2. I canít remember that good. The fish look so cute write now. Other people might think they are really ugly. You canít touch the fish because if you do they will die of the oils on your skin. Not a lot of people know that. That is what they are probably going to do in the future.
Oh my gosh ! 99% of our fish hached this is as exiding as the time I bungy jumped at the Wolcot fair .I predict that there will be only one pin head. I also predict that no fish will try to eat another. I am most looking forword to feeding them because it sounds exsiding.
Did you know that all most all of our trout eggs have hatched. What I predict that we will have all the rest of them will stay alive. Watching after the trout is as cool as skateboarding. I canít wait to see them swim in the tank. But it is going to be sad when we have to release them in black rock park. This is what I predict.
I wonder what we will name all our fish? I  predict that for the future they  are  going  to  grow as  big as pears. Also, it is  amazing how fast all of our fish developed. There is only one  egg that  has not hatched. I am mostly looking forward to  letting them go in  the wild because me and my dad will  catch  them and eat them when summer and spring comes. I donít really like  the  fish  because they are  boring. The  best part about the  fish is that they are  so  tasty. That is  what  I  am mostly looking  forward to and what I  predict  for  the future.
Wow! Almost all of our fish have hatched! What I predict for the future is that they all grow up and there will be no pin heads. What I also predict is that none will go in time out. What I am also looking forward to is releasing them. I will be sad but happy that we raised trout. I am as happy as a rainbow after a storm. That is what I predict and look forward to.
How big do you think the trout will get? I think they will get about 2 inches long(1 Inch! 2 Inch). I want them to get as big as a tower in Boston. Did you know trout can have more than 1 head? Trout are probably as big as bass fish. You can catch other fish and bass at Lake Michigan. Trout I donít know where you can catch. Thatís what I hope there future will be.
Dear Trout Unlimited,
Did you know that we have all our trout eggs hatched? It is very exciting. However, I am worried about them too. The tank is starting to smell a little Ďífishyíí (literally). Is this a normal situation? Also, why do the fish sway their tails? Is this a regular habit that they have adapted to? These are some questions I have about the trout. I hope you can answer them!!!!!
Sincerely, A 5th grade student 
OHH my!!!!! Thatís a lot of fish. Did you know that my classroom was delivered 200 fish eggs? Today when I walked into the classroom all of the fish were hatched out besides one little one. Hopefully when I walk in tomorrow that poor little fish will be hatched. Right now the fish are about 1 centimeter long. Thatís as tiny as a tic!! I predict that our fish will grow healthy, strong, and big. I also predict that our trout eggs will be smart enough to stay away from fish hooks. Those are my thoughts about our fish eggs.
Wow! Isnít this amazing! Almost all the fish hatched. 100% of my class agrees with me. I wonder what they will do later. Maybe they will flip like a dirt biker on a ramp. I wonder if they will fight. Then we will have to put them in the egg basket. This reminds me of a time when my cousin got in to a fight he had to stay in his room. That is what I think is going to happen in the future.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is the sound of the filter running in the fish tank, this is so exciting. More than 95% of the fish hatched. They will be as cute as little new born babies. There is only one egg left. Hopefully it wonít turn white or have 2 heads. We donít know that there is any pinheads, hopefully thereís not. This is my prediction of the future
Do you know that all of the fish hatched in are class? They look as great as a blue whale. They look orange with a little bit of brown. They also canít swim yet. That is what excited me about the fish hatching!
THE EGGS HATCHED             
Drip ! Drop! Thatís the sound of the water of the fish. Wow! How exciting all are fish are almost hatched. I predict that we are going to have 50 to 100 fish when we are done. I predict this because we are doing well with the fish that is why I predict this. I also predict that we will keep the fish nice and healthy because we are doing well and we are feeding them and also doing the test. We are all looking forward to letting the basket drop because itís going to be fun seeing them swim. Fish are as cool as an ice cube. I just canít wait to see them swim itís going to be fun. This is my prediction for the future and what I am looking forward to. I hope this goís well.
Dear Trout Unlimited,
Wow! Guess how many eggs we have left to hatch? Thatís right; we only have one more egg left to hatch. Can you believe it?! So far we only had I think 7 to 10 fish die. Our fish are hatching as fast as a cheetah. Right now are fish are small, but there is a lot of them. It reminds me of the time I got my first fish and it was about the same size as the trout. I predict that the fish will be very cute. Also I predict some fish will be naughty but I hope not. That is what I predict will happen to the fish in the future.
Trout Eggs Hatched!
Guess how many eggs hatched in our classroom? Almost all of course! Did you know that at least 180 out of 200 fish hatched out of their eggs? There going to swim around that tank before you know it. There going to be as fast as lighting. I hope I get to name one of my choice. Weíre going to let them go in May at Blackrock Lake. I Say they are going to be huge . Thatís what I predict for the future.

 I feel so weird today.  When I woke up, I felt funny.  Then I looked in the mirror to find that I had turned intoÖ a trout!!!  I was as ugly as a fat hairless monkey.  Ahhhhhhh !!! I screamed at the top of my lungs.  ď whatís wrong Adam?  My mom says sprinting upstairs to my room.  O my god.  She says.  ď We have to get you to the hospital.Ē We go straight to the car and she starts driving.  As soon as we got  there the doctor did not know what to do.  My mom talked to him for a while and then we left.  ď I am scared that I would be like this for the rest of my life.Ē  As soon as I noticed a car coming that was about to crash into us I woke up.  ďI was just a dreamĒ.  I muttered.  I was glad I was out of that dream and not a trout anymore.
ďI feel so weird todayĒ I thought to myself.  I go to look in the mirror to see I am a trout!!  I try to run down the stairs to tell my mom gut I flopped down like a toddler having a temper tantrum.  I try to tell my mom but she passes out right away.  I go and ask my dad to buy a 100 gallon fish tank. 1 hour he comes back with the tank and food.  The tank was bitter cold like Antarctica.  Well, it has to be cold for trout to survive.  To be exact it was 42 degrees in the tank. Then I got some food but it tasted so gross. I just kept on growing and growing. So we were on our way to the beach to let me go. It was just about sundown. They were just about to let me go, but then I started to turn to my real self. It turns out I had the curse of the trout for one day
I feel so weird today. When I woke up I felt funny I looked in the mirror I was a trout. Water I screamed I need water I hopped down the drain, through a series of pipes, and in the ocean. I saw that the pipes leaded to a jet stream to Florida one of the pipes broke and I was half a mile from the jet stream. Then another 3 miles to Florida on the jet stream. So I traveled a great distance to get to the jet stream by the time I got on the jet stream my felt as heavy as a table I fell right to sleep. I could feel the current carrying my weight like a feather. When I woke up I was in Florida the water was warm like water and bubbles surrounded me and a few other trout I wonder why trout are scarce here. Then I turned around and swimming behind me was a great white the size of a garbage truck swam I as fast as I could and freedom now I found a nice coral house and a kelp bed. The next day I woke up full of bed plankton and ate them for breakfast. Then I went down the jet stream through the pipes and back up the drain and I was in my house. I woke with a start and I was back to normal but I had kelp on my finger.
The trout are almost ready to get feed because they are eating there egg. IT looks as cool as playing on my Xbox slim with connect. 50% of people in the world have one because it is fun and addicting. The trout are still small but they look like they are getting digger and bigger. The fish are starting to go in the corner to eat there egg off. I wood like to feed the fish when the egg is gone. It sounds as fun as playing man hunt with air soft. We will let the trout go at Black Rock Lake. That is why I wood like the responsibility to feed the trout.
I would not like to feed the fish because it can get boring after a while especially if you forget to feed them. If they died we would not be able to go on our fun field trip. That is the reason I would not want to be responsible for the fish.
Dear My Trout Journal,
 I feel weird today.  I fell slimy and yucky!  OHHH my!  When I looked in the mirror this morning I noticed that I have turned into a trout.  I was as happy as a dog on a long walk.  I was so excited.  I yelled ď I get to swim all day long everyday, yippy!íí  I can go on adventures in all different waters.  Some of which are black rock lake, a stream, the Connecticut river, or the Atlantic ocean.  That reminds me of  all the times I have gone fishing, and caught trout.  I just hope when I go swimming in waters I watch out for fish hooks.  ďYES!I Get to  go swimming today it is my favorite thing to do!íí  now I am here so I can now start my new life as a fish.  I donít have to worry about drowning in deep waters because I am a fish . after I got into the water I yelled ď yes I am free!Ē  The body of water I started my new life in was  black rock lake.  Then a little while after I got used to my new habitat something funky happened.  I changed back to my old body. I was so happy.  Well there you have it, now you know my exiting story!  Your friend, 
Wow!  That flew bye as fast as a fish could swim.  The fish eggs we got in November are all hatched and almost ready to be fed.  HmmmÖ I wonder who will be in charge of feeding the fish.  That reminds me of all the times I feed my fish that are now dead.  In other words this means that I would like to be one of or the person to feed the fish.  I would like to feed the fish because I do know how to from my old fish, and because I am good at measuring out things.  Another reason I would like to feed the fish is because I think it will be a good and fun learning time.  My last reason I would like to be in charge of the fish is because I think it will be a good hands on experience for me.  That is why I would like to be one of or the person to be feeding the fish in our class room.
Time to Feed the Trout
ďWow!Ē it is almost time to feed the trout.  I would like to feed the trout.  One reason I would like to feed them is I think I could take good responsibility to feed them just the right amount of food.  Another reason I would like to is I would like to take responsibility and be a big help.  Although it will be hard I would like to do it.  I have told my mom a million times I canít wait until they are able to eat so I could feed them.  Having this job would be as fun as sledding.  I am so excited to be able to feed the trout.  That is why I would like to feed the trout.
Did you know that the trout are almost ready to be fed? I would really want to feed them. I would like to feed the fish, because I can do more than test the water. Also this reminds me of the time when I had fish and I got to feed them. I wonder if the fish food will be as rough as sand. Not only that but it will be really cool when the swim after the food. I would also want to feed the fish because I would like to see their little mouths open. Would you like to feed fish? Well, thatís why I would like to.
I feel so weird today. When I woke up, I felt funny. Then I looked into the mirror and found out I wasÖ A TROUT!!! I canít believe this. I canít go to school or any where if I look like this. Should I tell my mom? Letís see if I tell my mom she will send me to the emergency room, but if I just go to school people will laugh and be scared of me. UmmÖ Iíll just tell my mom. Mom! Can you come here? I said. Your brother is crying. said mom. This is as worse as nick crying. Ok! Oh my we got to take you to the emergency room.

 Just like I pictured it she is taking me to the emergency room. 10 minutes later we arrived. When we went inside they took me 1st. I couldnít breath they put me into a trout tank. It was as big as my living room! They put me to sleep. When I woke up I was back where I was supposed to be.
1/5/11 - Feeding the trout
Would you like to feed the trout I know I would. this is why I would like to be the person in charge of feeding the trout. I think it will be fun to watch them swim to the top to get the food. another reason I would like to be the person in charge of feeding the fish is that ive been wanting a fish job. I will be as responsible as going to work every day. this is why I would like to be in charge for feeding the trout.
1/5/11 - Feeding the Trout

Wow! The trout are at point that theyíre almost ready to be fed. I remember the old days when we just got them and they were ready to hatch. They are going to be bigger than the fish tank before we know it. In other words they will be released around April or May. So they wonít be that big when we let them go, but they will get bigger along the way. I would love to feed the fish, but itís a big responsibility and Iím not sure if Iím the best person for the job. You have to feed them the right amount to fish or they will die. Itís better to underfeed then to overfeed. You have to give them a 3rd of a paper clip. So, no I would not like to feed the fish.

 Do you think you would want to be responsible for the trout?  I think that I would.  I would because to me it sounds as easy as breathing.  But it would be a lot of trout to feed.  Are trout remind me of the time that I had a bunch of fish.  But not as many of fish as we have of trout.  I donít know if this job would be so easy if you only had one person.  If you had two people or more it would be easier.  It would really sound like a job I want to do because Iíve had to take care of a fish before.  That is why I would like to feed the fish.
Dear journal,
Today when I woke up, I felt funny.  Then, I looked in the mirror to find that I had turned intoÖA TROUT.I screamed as loud as a baby.
I tried to go down the stairs to tell my mom but I could not.  I fell down the stairs.  I was as slippery as ice.  When I got down stairs my mom fainted.
I went to go look in the mirror again.  I said to myself ďDo I really look that bad?Ē
I as slimy as goo.  As brown as dirt and as scaly as a lizard.
Trout Description
The 2 trout I colored are brownish reddish. They are more of a maroon than a red.   They have a light brown and maroon body to be exact. You should color maroon first then the light brown over the maroon.  The trout bait is pink.  Before you color the ocean blue put a shade lighter then the shade of blue you are using on all of the lines on the ocean.  Try to avoid coloring over the lines because if you do the darker blue will go over the light blue and make it disappear.  The last thing you have to do is color the sand yellow.   Now you are done coloring your trout.

Time to Drop the
Blub! Blub! Blub!  I am one of the trout and I am so exited for Mrs.Sarandrea to drop the basket.  I will be as happy as a clam when I am set free.  Did you know the tank is 55 gallons? That is a lot of room for me to swim in.  I am so exited out of this tiny basket and have room to swim.  Although I will miss being in this tiny basket I will love to be able to swim free.  I will love to be able to swim to swim around in circles.  I will feel so refreshed when I swim out of the basket into the big tank.  This is my experience of swimming out of the basket and into the big tank.  
My trout description
My trout is very colorful. The first trout in the front has a yellow body but not the whole thing. The head of it is red and the gill below the head. The top curve of the fish is purple. Then the tail of it is pink. Then the trout behind is brown and has a red gill and its tail is pink too. This is the many colors of my trout.
Wow I said when I woke up. I was in the trout basket still waiting to be released all of my brothers and sisters were already released in the tank and now it was my turn. Finally the basket dropped put never came back up the way my brothers and sisters did. We kept bouncing around and I evacuated every one out but the curved spined ones did not move an inch but I kept going with pride and the next few days went by and they both went but I kept on going every day these strange figures came and fed us every day so from then on I stayed alive but then one of my sisters died and a turkey baster came down made a loud noise and it was gone. That was the day that we got released.
Wow, today I will go into the big glassy thing. They will let down the net. I will swim out as fast as lightening. All those fish are making me claustrophobic.  I remember the time when I was a little ball. That was terrible. Big human life form just fed us a pinch of food. The little net form is so much smaller compared to the shined thing. I like all this attention it makes my fins wobble. This is my experience being a trout.
I canít believe we are being released into the tank today!!!!! I canít wait to get out of this cramped little net and out into the big open water. It reminds me of when I was a little egg waiting to go into the big net but not anymore because now I am bigger and the net is small now.
December 22, 2010
I feel so weird today. When I woke, I felt funny. Then, I looked into a mirror to find that I had turned into A TROUT!!!!!!!! Being a trout was as weird as eating a marker. I would not be able to breath. Then I heard a footstep walking into my room it was my mama. But she was not human or trout she was an alien. Did you know that you usually do not turn into a trout if your mom is an alien.  My mom being an alien was as cool as the winter time. It was weird my dad was a big wrinkle donkey. I went to go take my dad for a ride . That is what I would do if I turned into a trout.
If I where one of the fish I would not want to go in the big
 I w tank. ould not want to go in the big tank because it would be
Scay if you where only one inch long. The end.
OH MY GOD! I scream as I look in the mirror. I look like a trout! That is awkward to me. My mom comes in to see what is wrong and why I am screaming. My mom starts screaming for a very long time. She calls my dad and he freaks out. I wonder how I turned into a trout. My brother comes in and says, ďAwesome!Ē My mom tells that this is not awesome. She says it is weirder than dancing elephants. A few days later I still feel weird and slimy. My family tied everything that they can think of to help me. The next day I turned back in to a human again and started to feel much better. The
strange thing was that I still kind of looked like a trout. Then I started to feel something funny in my body. At first I felt like I was going to throw up, but then I turned back to normal. I feel so much better now that this whole thing is over. Now I donít have to walk on fins anymore Farah Omar
I wander if I would like to feed the fish or not. Shod I are not? I would like to feed the fish. I feed allot of fish before and it was rely fun! I think feeding the fish can be kind of fun and sometimes it can be boring to watch the fish eat. Sometimes you can smell the fishy smell it is not a present smell to smell as a smell sometimes I donít like to do the job but this time I would love to do it this time! It might be fishy but I will do it! In my century my cosines have a big tank and I feed them all the time. There was a fish that died.
Trout Description
My fish that is bigger than the other one is: brown marker with a purple eye, black mouth, and red
tongue , fins , and tail is red the smaller is all marker too, it is orange : with a black mouth red eyes and a red tongue, and purple fins , and tail. The fishing lure is brown marker and the line is black marker. The water is light blue in color pencil. Finally the ground is light green in color pencil. Donít forget to add black rocks in color pencil.
Do you like going into a big tank? If I were one of the trout that was going to be released I would feel excited. Being released is like being free. Did you know releasing trout is kind? ďAfter I am released I will swim everywhere.Ē I said. This is how I would feel if I was one of the trout that was going to be released.
I feel so weird today .When I woke up, I felt funny. Then I looked in the mirror to find that I had turned into. . . A TROUT ! ! ! I was swimming in the ocean. I heard a boat drive by. There was nothing to do. I could only swim with other trout. Trout grow as big as sharks. I found another trout swimming really fast. Then there is one that is caught in a net. It went up into a boat. I started swimming away but the net got me. I was out into a bucket of water. The bucket of water was splashing all over. I hit the bucket walls hard. Then the boat stopped and everything was still. The bucket was picked up by someone, walked past a street and into a pet shop. The pet shop was full of animals. The person who was carrying my bucket pored the water and me into a fish tank. There was no fish and I was lonely. I heared footsteps coming right at my fish tank. It was a woman, man, and a 13 year old boy. It was my mom, dad, and my brother! They looked at me. I was so happy. They brought me to our house and put me in a fish tank. The water is as cold as the winter season. I felt like I was turning into a human again. Then I looked at myself and I was human again. I jumped out of the fish tank and I was full human. I was so happy. ďMom!, dad!, Chris! Iím human again!Ē I said. ďWerenít you always human?Ē my mom said. I went to bed and sleeped the whole night. I was really happy. I was as happy as a clown. Then it was the next day and I did the day like other days. 
Do you like going into a big tank? If I were one of the trout that was going to be released I would feel excited. Being released is like being free. Did you know releasing fish from a net is kind? ďAfter I am released I will swim everywhere.Ē I said. This is how I feel if I was one of the trout being released.      
Yawn! I better get ready for school.OMG! IM A FISH!!! WHAT HAPPENED? I canít go to school looking like this.  What am I going to do? I when downstairs and showed my mom. She didnít pay attention. So I showed my dad. He said OMG what happened? I don t no? O NO Iím turning more into a trout. DAD GO FILL THE TUB! Why? Hello Iím turning into a fish. You no fish canít survive in air.
O and donít forget to clog the drain so no water goes down it. OK! IS IT READY!! YES! Go because I started to grow gills. Get in. o that feels good nock, nock hello howís there. Itís the government. What canít you see that my daughter is turning in to a fish? thatís why we are here. We found a medicine. She has to talk it ones a day. so she does not turn into a trout. GIVE ME THAT! O no itís too late sheís a fish noooooooo!!!
Guess Who Is A TROUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oohh!  If I was not awake  yet  I would listen to my brain is telling me. I got out of bed and strangly had flop across the dim lighted hall.  I got up and looked in the mirrorÖ to see a terrible  sight!  My hands are are fins, and so are my legs! I need to get to water! I need to call someone to see if it happened to them too.  I will call Vanessa then Farah. Good thing my fins are able to touch the caller id butten.  Farah Farah! Sorry I could not pick up! Yes I know youíre a trout also. Yes we need to get to water!  I know you can try to sneak out and get to my house? Ok I will be there in 15 minets. Ok. Bing bing bang  Vanessa are you there. Yes the strangest thing happened do not tell me youíre a trout also. No I look sound like and have the belongings of Mrs. Sarandrea! Wo so did not see that coming. Do u have her drivers licence Julia said with a divvies tone (Julia whispers  something in the phone). Ok lets go hop in the ice box. Now get out and find those trout! We are at Black Rock where we let the fish go. Look there is one of our trout now. Orange Glow why are we like this? You thouch us to much you got our D. N. A. O. M. G! The trout told us that we need a pice of the black rock, then whether it and chew then you will be normal in a matter of seconds. We did as told and now we are normal. But how do we get Vanessa back to normal? Get herown belongins and rub them on her we did as told and we were fine!
First outline the bigger trout with a rose art colored pencil. Next color it in with the same colored pencil in LIGHT STROKES. Than color the smaller one the same color but in curved strokes. Next color the bobber and ground asparagus (crayon). Then color the ocean blueberry rose art colored pencil. Lastly same with  a light blue colored pencil.  Hope you like the way it comes out!
ďGulp ,gulp ,gulpĒ go  the  trout  as  they  swallow  their  food .I  would  not  like  to  be  responsible  for  feeding  the  trout  because  I  donít  know  how  much  food  they  need. What  if they  only  need  a  piece  that  is  as  small  as  a  pinhead? Besides, at home  my  parents  are  always  saying  I  feed  my  fish  too much. I  donít  like  to  be  responsible  for  animals  that  are  not  mine.That  is  why  I  would  not  want  to  be  responsible  for  feeding  the  trout.
Ahhhhhhh! I screamed .I had a nightmare .I thought I was I trout .When I woke up, I felt funny .I flopped into the bathroom and looked in the mirror to find that I had turned into Ö A TROUT!!! I had to turn on the water  and quick, I was running out of air .So I jumped as high as a mountain and hit the bathtub nossle, and turned on the water .Then with all my might I jumped into the bathtub and just in time .This refreshing water reminds me of the summertime at my uncles house .How am I ever going to tell mom about this trout thing? I canít even make it from my room to the bathroom without running out of air .I wish I could talk, and not be a fish .
Then out of nowhere came a genie .I thought in my head what he was doing here .I am the great Genie .I am here to grant your every wish .Ok .I tried to say I want to talk I though , and it came true .I donít want to be a trout , I said loudly and proudly .What happened I asked .Nothing .You said that you would grant my every wish .I canít grant this one because someone has to bring you to Niagra Falls and dip you in water , then you will become human again .I wish we were at Niagra Falls .Poof!We were their and I was in the water .Guess what I was human .Then ,the genie brought me home .Mom asked were have you been .Itís been a long story mom .
! My Trout!
Have you ever seen a trout before?  Well, I have and nicely colored to!  My 2 trout are out lined with green.  The inside of their mouth are red.  My 2 trout are as colorful as the rainbow.  Did you know trout can be big or small?  In general they all eat good portions.  The eyes of the trout are orange.  There face and stomach are light blue.  On their light blue stomach there are hazel/brown dots (only 3 dots).  The water surrounding them is a blue color (like salt water color but not salt water).  That is what my 2 trout fish look like. 
P.S.  If you want to feed trout never over feed!!!!!
Did you know that the trout are almost ready to be fed? I would like to feed the trout because I used to own a fish .He used to swim to the top of the tank and eat every time I fed him .It would make me happy as a clam shell if I could feed the fish .One more reason I love animals .Also because I would like to see them developing .Another reason is so I can check on them .I would like to see how the fish improve every day, and which ones die .That is why I would like to feed the fish.
January 31, 2011
Have you ever wrote a descriptive  paragraph about a drawing?  Well I am right now about a trout drawing I just made!  In the picture there are two fish.  The big trout in the front I colored light green, light brown, and black.  With the light green I outlined the body  of the fish but not the head.  Then with the light brown I colored the rest of the body and the head.  After I colored the lips, the eyes, and the mouth black.  That is what I colored my fish in the front.
 With the poor little fish in the back I colored all light brown.  The fish bate I colored light sky blue.  The water I colored dark blue.  The sand I colored brown with orange.  That is my description of the fish I colored!!!
January 31, 2011
Have you ever wrote a descriptive  paragraph about a drawing?  Well I am right now about a trout drawing I just made!  In the picture there are two fish.  The big trout in the front I colored light green, light brown, and black.  With the light green I outlined the body  of the fish but not the head.  Then with the light brown I colored the rest of the body and the head.  After I colored the lips, the eyes, and the mouth black.  That is what I colored my fish in the front.
 With the poor little fish in the back I colored all light brown.  The fish bate I colored light sky blue.  The water I colored dark blue.  The sand I colored brown with orange.  That is my description of the fish I colored!!!
 My big fish is orange with brown dots. It is also highlighted in brown. The one behind it is green. The fishing bait is yellow. The ocean is a nice light blue with dark blue waves. The sand is orange and tan. It is also highlighted in orange.
 Gulp! Gulp! I have been stuck in this basket with my friends for a long time.  We all ate our egg sacks, so bye bye basket. There dropping the basket!  Alyssa screamed.
I have never felt so exited before. I donít even know when it is happening. I hope when the kids play and stuff like that. So thatís happing in a while. I wonder what it feels like. Maybe it will fell like nothing. Or maybe even it will feel like a big boom!  I fell as happy as the time I was in a little fish in an egg.  Only 50% of the fish know about the basket dropping. I am as jumpy as a hoppy frog.
My trout is really cool it has Orange lips, Orange fins, and Orange eyes. He is black with orange stripes .It can also be the opposite way around .He is really fast he can out swim a shark. That is what my trout looks like.

I feel so weird today.  When I woke up, I felt funny.  Then look in the mirror to find that I had turns into aÖ  TROUT!!!   I looked all slimy, had gills and had to stand on my fish fin! Ďí Trenity time for school,íí mom said.  Ďí What am I going to doíí?  I said trying to hop in bed.  I finally made it into bed, but mom came in to get me up.  ĎíCome on, it is time to go to school,íí mom said pulling the blankets off of me.  She saw that I was as slimy as a frog. She also saw that I had gills; she found out that I wasÖ A TROUT!!! ďOh no, what happened to you, you look like a fish! Mom said looking faint. ďWhat are we going to do?Ē I said ďThis reminds me that time when I had a dream just like this one, except, itís not a dream.Ē We need to find whatís wrong, and fast.
 Bing! Bong! As the doorbell rang. I got it, mom said. It was the doctor here to check out the trout, which was me. ďOh no, how do you turn yourself into a fish? ď I donít know, I just woke up, looked in the mirror and found I was a trout! ďHmmmmÖ Aha! You have troutitis.Ē  The doctor yelled out. All you have to do is drink this medicine and a few days youíll be fine.  Yippy, I shouted jumping on my fish tail.
 In a few days turned out it did work. I went back on school on Friday. Where were you all week? Kayla said. OhÖ umÖ I had a bad cold. I said smiling. Thatís the time I turned into a trout.
Have you ever designed a fish? I have! This is what mine looks like. There are two fish. The small one has a pink head and tail and the rest of the body is purple. The bigger one is all red with an outline of green and blue pokadots. The sand is brown. The water is blue. Try to color it the way I did. Make sure to take your time. This is what my fish looks like. Good luck!

 Dear journal,
ďYeahĒ I said as Mrs. Sarandreaís students let me go into my bigger home. My bigger home is full with nice and cold water. I have 3 different trout monitors each week. My monitors change my water every day or at least try to. They also feed me and test my water. After they clean my tank it is as clearer as glass. Your friend,
 ďYeahĒ I said as my teacher dropped down the basket to let the trout in the tank. My trout came from a forest green pond. I was lowered in by an exotic neon orange lewder under me. Is light brown sand. I am a brown trout, but I am green. I am green with little brown spots. My mouth is the same color as the lewder exotic neon orange. So is my friendís mouth. She is also a brown trout. The only difference is she does not have little brown spots. That is a description about my trout, my friend, and my setting.
Dear Journal,
ďDonít overfeed the fish Alyssa.Ē Said Mrs. Sarandrea. I will not like to feed the trout.  I would not want to feed the trout because I might over feed them. Also because if I over feed them they might die. I also will not like to feed them because I might choke them.  I might choke them by feeding them the wrong number food.  If one of them died I will be as sad as when I didnít get what I wanted at Christmas. Not only that but, if the fish died I remember how sad I was when my grandma died.  That is why I would not like to feed the trout. Your friend,
It would be fun to care and feed the trout at the same time. It would take a lot more time to feed the trout than to watch them. We would have to change the tank more often than you usually do. That is why I would like to be in charge of the trout. The trout may smell weird but I still want to take care of all 200 trout.
1/31/11 If I where one of the fish I would not want to go in the big  I w tank. ould not want to go in the big tank because it would be Scay if you where only one inch long. The end.
Wow I cant believe were going to be let free. Its going to be scary to go down in the big tank, but we will have enough room to swim. When the basket came down , it went down really fast. When it came down we all were swimming that is my experience of letting the basket go down.
I feel so weird today. When I woke up. I felt funny then I looked in the mirror to find that I had turned into a TROUT.  I felt like every at school will laugh at me. On Sunday I said that ď I need to get back to my old self again ď. I told my mom about the problem and she took me to the doctor. The doctor said that it is a desies and you get it when you have 200 hundred pet trout fish in your classroom. Then he said that it was contieshest and I need to stay in bed tll it heals. 
I thought to myself that everyone in my class has 200 trout too. So  maybe they might have a diesies but I was the first one  get it. On Monday I was still a trout and my mom said that I can stay home from school. I was wondering if anyone else in my class had the diesies. So for the rest of the day I stayed in bed. Then on Tuesday I felt a lot better. So I went to school that day and I noticed that everyone at school was there too and they still had the dieses. When I got home. My mom had the disese was contieges. When I went were my cat sleeps in the basement he was a trout too. I said Ďhow bad is this going to beí. Than I said Ď I need a nap, and for get this ever happení.
The next morning I went to school and every one was back to normal but people were laughing at me and I donít know what was going onthen some screamed. ;Heís a troutí. Then someone said throw him into the tank. Then I ran home and went to bed. Then for a good nights sleep. And I was back to normal.  And I said. ĎFew thatís overí.
Did you know I am done coloring two trout? One trout is orange and the other is green. The bigger trout is orange, and the smaller one is green. They are going after an orange hook. The light blue water flows fast. The orange trout is going faster than the green trout. The orange trout is as fast as a boat. The trout float above the light brown sand. This is how I colored in my two trout.
Do you like feeding trout? I would like to feed the trout. I know when they will be ready because they will swim at the top. I always take care of my fish at my house. Fish are as wet as water. Did you know some fish will eat a lot? That is why I would feed the trout.       
This is how you make fishes my way. When you make the waves you make the outlines dark blue and color regular blue water light blue.  When you make the fish out line it pink and color it in brown. When you color the sand you color it in yellow and brown. Finally you color the bobber in pink and orange. That is how you draw fishes my way.
Wow! I exlamed when I herd the trout are getting ready to feed! Why yes, of course I would LOVE to feed the trout. I would like to feed them because I would not put too much or too little food in the tank. I would also  look out for the fish  that are not eating and tell you right away. I would be as existed as a turkey after thanksgiving! That is why I would like to feed the trout. ???
ďI feel so weird todayĒ. When I woke up today , I felt funny. Then,  I  looked  into  the  mirror  to  find  that  I  had  turned  intoÖ..A  TROUT!!!Oh  boy, I  feel  that  I  am  running  out  of  breath. ďSplashĒ! Goes the water. I begin to feel  mysef  shrinking.I turned  into a tiny  trout! Iím going  down the  drain  in  the   tub,help! I feel  like  I  am  as  light as a  feather.
ďHey, it is not that bad  after  all.ĒI  land  in  a  beautiful island.I see mermaids swimming  and  picking  pearls  of  trees  like  apples.I think  Iím  in Mermadia!íí I say.ĒHiĒ they giggle.ĒYou can come with usĒ they say.ĒWhereĒ? I ask.ĒTo our grand fish ballĒ they say.ĒSureĒ I say.So we swim to the fish party  which is  as  nice  as having a cupcake.
As we  get  there  I  see  a  big  party.ĒIt  is  as  fun  as  going  on  a  roller  coaster  ride.I  see  lots  of  other  mermaids  and  fish.ĒMake yourself comfortableĒ they  say.ĒThank  youĒ I say  back.I hang  my  clothes  on  a  hook  and  go  into  the  main  hall .There  is  a  chandelier  that  is  as  big as a  whale.ĒIt  is  time  to  danceĒ says  the  oldest  mermaid .The  music  begins  and  everyone  starts  dancing. First  comes  the  walce of  the  flowers.
After  the  dance  everyone  finds  a  seat  behind  a  huge  table. There  are  sweets  and  tea  for  everyone. Everyone is as  happy as a  pirate  who  found a treasure.ĒI had a great eveningĒ I say to the mermaids.ĒAnd thank you for inviting meĒ I say.ĒOur pleasureĒ they respond. As  I  went out of the doors I  think  to  myself ďWhat am I going to do?Ē
It is late now and no one is outside. Maybe  I can turn into a person again, but how? So I  go  to  see the  sea  witch.She  turns  me  into  a  person  and  I  am  back  to  normal  again. I  am  as  happy  as  if  I  won  one  billion  dollars.I  finally  get  to  my  house  and  scramble  into  bed.I  get  a  good  night  sleep.+
12-22-10 ! I AM A TROUT!
 I feel so weird today.  When I woke up, I felt funny.  Then, I looked in the mirror to find that I had turned in toÖ A TROUT!!!   I donít know how, itís like one minute Iím normal and the next Iím not.  This has to be a dream.  I feel like a monkey that jumped off a cliff.  Did you know I can have more than 2 heads.  Then, I get sick and I donít wana die. Help me please someone.
Why!  Wait, I will ask somebody to put me in a pool, but first pinch me!  Mommm!  I say mommm!  I say again somebody!  Help Me!  Ohhh wait know one can hear me. Maybe I can swim in the pond in the back yard.  I hope itís not as dry as the Sahara Desert.  I think out of 90 fish in the sea, they will hear me.  Ok, Iím in! Yesss, but what if your mom comes looking.  Someone said.  Ohhh wait, well I wonít worry.  Wait who said.  Me Trinity.  Over here.  Somebody found me and put me in here.  Well, I hope this is a dream or somewhat trick!  Bite me. No!  Why not.  Because this is real dummy.  I wonít do that.  It would be like eating poop from a dog.  Fine, but I do not taste pooy.  Cool (right).  She said under her breath.  I said what.  She said oh nothing.  Did you know we may be like this but we are still friends.  Boom, Crash Girly wake up!  Mommy!!! Yah why.  I got to go see trinity BYE.  BYE honey donít be late for school.  I wonít be.  So when I got to school I hugged trinity and said you would be an ugly trout.  She said what.  I said nothing and went on with my day. THE END    
2-28-11 Would you want to feed the trout? Yes, I would want to feed them. Itís easy! Feeding them would be like scooping ice cream and putting it in a bowl. Did you know the food they donít will go to they bottom of the tank and then we need to clean it? Fish are kind of like kids. I like trout for instance the normal kind. When you feed them have a steady hand. You donít want the food bag to fall into the tank. One more thing you must do is wash your hands just in case they touch the water. You also should be ready for when that may happen, its freezing water. That is why I would like to be a fish feeder for our classes fish tank!!! 
The horizon is so pretty over on top of the water .It almost looks orange underneath a plain light blue ocean .The large fishís body is light green everything but the head. After you color the head not the mouth or eyes dark green. The eye stays white and color the mouth as red as fire. The small fish has a red body color everything but the head. Once you do that move to the head color the head yellow accept the eye and mouth. Color the mouth red. Next you will color the fishing line purple .Finally, you need two colors brown and light green .The straight black long lines will be light green, and the round black lines will be brown. Finally you should be done with your picture.
February 17, 2011 Ohh no!!  so many fish are dying I donít know if we are going to have any to release.  It is so sad.  It is also so hard to watch some of the fish eat the others.  I think there are many reasons why all the fish are dying.  One reason I think this is happening to the fish is because they are eating the wastes at the bottom of the tank.  I also think we are losing so many fish is because I think we are doing to many water changes cause there to be no algie in the tank.  Right now I feel like I have just lost all my family members.  That is why I think all of our fish are dying.

feb.7 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we are going to be released from this place did you know 20% of my family died in the net but I survid and I will soon I will be released into a big lake in spring I canít wait for it I hope I survive Intel then.
Wow!  Did you know our trout are almost to the point where they are ready to be fed?  I canít believe the trout will need to be fed.  I would love to feed the trout for many reasons. Reasons like, I am very responsible of feeding fish.  Since I have many fish at home I will be use to doing this. Also, if I could feed the trout, I would never overfeed or underfeed them.  If I donít know how much to feed or forget, I will underfeed the trout.  I would love seeing the trout eat because it will always remind me of when I would come home everyday to feed my fish, Swimmy.  Sadly, Swimmy Died so it would be as fun as riding a rollercoaster to feed small fish like the trout again.  That is why I think I should feed the trout.
Trout Description
Did you know I just finished coloring two trout?  The way my first trout look was green all over except in the middle and bottom fin. After that, I colored the middle and bottom fin light brown. I did the same with the smaller trout in the back except the back is brown. The trout are going after blue green colored fish bait.  The colors of their eyes are sky blue, just like the water in the background. At the bottom there are humps I colored apricot. That is what my troutís look like.
FEEDING THE TROUT Someone in our class has to feed the fish. I would not like to have that responsibility because I would have to remember to feed them. I would also have to remember how much to feed them. Feeding them takes a lot of responsibility. In general everyone wants to feed the fish.  I think I could but I donít know. If I wore the fish feeder I would try to feed them every day. The fish are as cool as a rollercoaster. This is why I would not like to have this job.
Have you ever done a project with trout in your school?  Well my class just did one.  Today we had to release them.  It wasnít that easy.  Because without them, this class isnít as exciting.  In the next 3 paragraphs I will tell you about what we did.  The first will talk about the growing up.  The second will talk about us taking care of the trout.  The 3rd will talk about the field trip we took when we released them.  So please enjoy.
Have you ever got to help trout for a class project?  You probably havenít because my class was the only one to do it in our school.  When we got the eggs they looked as cool as an airsoft gun.  They were reddish yellowish eggs with a black dot in the middle.  The black dot in the middle was their eyes.  Soon they are at the fry stage. Did you know they have an egg sack on them they have to eat to grow up.  They are not able to swim at this stage.  Finally, they are grown up.  When they grow up they are able to swim.  The only bad thing is that the big ones start to bully the little ones.  That is what it is like helping them grow up.

 Have you ever got to take care of the trout?  Itís really fun!  It is as fun as an amusement park.  Did you know  there are bullies?  There were a few bullies in our tank.  But the bullies we had we put in the net they started off as eggs.  You will also need to give them the food they need.  You donít want o give them too much or too little.  But some of the fish died because the other fish stole their food.  A lot of the fish died sadly.  We began with 200 but now we only have 36!  In the beginning the whole class was excited.  I think it was the funnest project.  The kids next year are probably going to think that too.  That is what it is like taking care of the trout.
Wow!  That field trip was fun!  Yes we did go on a field trip to release the trout.  The best part of the field trip was when we released them.  Mine was as fast as a Lamborghini.  He looked really happy to be in the river at Black Rock State Park.  All the fish were a lot happier!  Did you know they could grow up to a foot long.  During the field trip my mom came with my dog Maggie.  Everybody seemed to like Maggie.  At the field trip we walked a mile.  Everybody was trying to walk my dog.  We were also doing races. Every single one I went in I won.  Also there was lunch time.  All the boys sat at the table and my mom sat there too.  We were telling jokes to each other.  Lastly, there was the bus ride.  All the boys sat with each other.  We just talked to each other and played games. That is that is what the field trip was like.

 So do you like the sounds of it.  Well you should because it is really fun.  But I didnít volunteer with a lot of the stuff we did so it wasnít as fun as fun for me as it was for the people on the trout club.  But to me the funnest part for me was when we got to go on the field trip.  I kind of wish we kept them until the end of the year because when there here there usually more to do.  But really itís better for them because we all know they would rather be in a huge lake then a tiny fish tank.  Well that is what it is like with a trout project in your school.  So I bet if your class ever does you will enjoy it too.
Did you know that trout have three different stages? The egg,  fry, and the parr stage. They are as magical as a rabbit.  The egg stage is the first stage. The eggs are as small as a pea. Then they go into the basket which is in   the tank. After that you need to keep an eye on the eggs because if there is a white egg that means it is dead. Also if you see a black dot that is its eye. The eggs are supposed to hatch in late December. However, in the class of 2010\2011 they hatched in early December.
The second stage is the fry. No they are not as tasty as french-fries. The fry stage is when they are still eating there egg sacks.They are still in the basket. It takes like a year for them to eat all of their egg sack. They will start growing and changing there colors. At this time you need to start keeping an eye on the levels. At first testing is hard however by the end of the year you can do it without the directions. They are going to get released into the big tank around January/February.
They last stage is the parr stage. In this stage you need to look for bullies. Bullies are trout that gang up on smaller trout. They will change color again. They will turn brown. They will also have orange fins and they will also have green spots. Now you need to feed them level 2 food. 2 pinches a day. Then all the crying happened, you need to release them. However if you love something set it free. The class of 2010/2011 released them at Blackrock state park. Now you know what will happen this year in the TIC Program. You also know about the egg, fry, and parr stages. Hope you enjoy. 
What swims in fresh water and has black spots? Itís brown trout of course. Have you ever raised trout from eggs? My whole class has. Itís as fun as going on vacation. During the program we set up the tank, got the eggs, and released the trout.  Bubble, bubble, bubble goes the aerator. An aerator has bubbles of air for the trout. When we set up the tank six students got to stay after school to help. In order to stay you had to get a note from your parent or guardian saying you could stay. Since so many kids wanted to help, Mrs.Sarandrea put the names in a bucket and pulled out six names. I was one of the names picked. Then one day after school the Trout in the Classroom [TIC] gentlemen came and brought us the tank. They stayed to help us. They filled up the tank by connecting a hose to the sink. It took a while to fill up. Then we had to put together the egg basket and filter. Setting up the tank was as fun as Christmas. Now the tank is finished!
 ďBoys and girls today we will be getting the trout eggs!Ē said Mrs.Sarandrea. When the TIC gentlemen came in we got to look at the eggs. The eggs were pinkish and had a black spot in the middle of them. The black spot is really their eyes! Pretty cool right. They were in such a small container but there were 200 eggs!  Then we had to take the temperature of the tank and the water in the container that the eggs were in. if the temperatures were about the same we could just let the container float in the egg basket for a while so they can get used to it. While they were getting used to the water the TIC gentleman talked to us about the eggs. If there were white eggs we had to take them out as soon as possible so the virus wonít spread. Then  we gently poured the eggs into the basket. Now that we have the eggs we look for white eggs.
 Did you know that at least 50% of our trout will probably survive in the wild? To release them we went to Black Rock State Park on May 5th. When we got there the TIC gentleman talked to us about the release. Then we walked down to where weíre going to release them. To release them the TIC gentle man gave us a cup filled with water and a trout. Then we had to get close to the water and pour it into the river. After we released them the TIC gentleman seined the bottom of the river. They took a net and rake and raked the bottom of the river. They caught all the bugs with the net. Next Mrs.Sarandrea picked a few students to pick all the bugs off the net with tweezers. When you picked the bug off you put it in a bucket. Then we carried the bucket to the picnic table. Then we took them out of the bucket with the tweezers and put them in the right group. There is group 1, 2, and 3.  It is better to have 1ís than 3ís. group 1 is 3 points, group 2 is 2 points, and group 3 is 1 point. You should have a total of 25 or more points or else the water is not clean. That is what we did when we released them.
 Now that you know about how we set up the tank, got the eggs, and released them do you think you are ready to raise trout? I am sad because the trout are gone but happy that we accomplished raising trout. I hope you enjoy the TIC program.   
The Trout Essay
Hello former fifth graders I am here to tell you about the trout in the class room project. There are many things I can tell you but I chose three to tell you in detail about the trout. The first thing I will tell you about is the egg delivery and how we first got the eggs. Next I will tell you about the eggs hatching. The hatching of the eggs is very descriptive. Last I will tell you about the release that just happened today. I will tell you about how the release went and what the gentlemen taught us there. I will start telling you now.
When we first got the trout eggs delivered the news spread wildly soon everyone knew that we were the only class that got to raise trout in the school. I donít like bragging so I didnít, but everyone else did that they were the best at testing tank water or Mrs.Sarandrea called on the most because the teacher liked them best. The day that we got the eggs was the day everyone was interested the most. Soon everyone was coming to see the eggs floating around in the tank.Everone in the class was just watching and waiting. It took so long for the eggs to hatch. This was kind of the boring stage of the trout because you just had to sit there just waiting for them to hatch. Well back to watching and waiting.
 Finally!!!The eggs have finally hatched out from their eggs but sadly a few died along the way. It felt like ages just waiting for the eggs to hatch. The fish looked a little funny at first. They had flat orange sacks with black dots in the middle. When the trout gentleman came in he told us those were the egg sacks. He also told us that when the trout have eaten all of their egg sacks that there in the fry stage. The fry stage is when they have no more of their egg sacks left. I was so surprised when most of them died that the very nice trout gentle man gave us more fish. He gave us 20 more fish but they were smaller than the ones we had we started to have some bullies in the tank as well. Now to more watching them evolve more and more every day.
 Today is the release day the day that all the fish go free. But wait it is also a sad day because we have to let them go and I donít want to let them go. We have to though because if we let them grow up in the tank there wonít be any room in the tank for all of them. They will grow too big and we wonít be able to raise them in a proper environment. Well were on the bus and everything seems alright. Iím just worried that something bad will happen to the fish on the ride there. Well were at the river and Iím ready to realize my fish she is swimming around like crazy in the plastic cup. Then I let her go and she is happy.
Well thatís what happened from the time that the trout were eggs to the time of the release. The best part about raising something that is special is watching it go free. So what are you waiting for ask your teacher if you can raise trout in your classroom.
Dear Fourth Graders, Hi I am part of Mrs. Sarandreas class (2010, 2011). I am going to talk to you about the trout program in our class. We did Trout Club, Tank mantense and finally we did the release. I think you will learn a lot from the trout program.
Did you know that 17 people of our class are in trout club? Well it is true. Every Wednesday morning we are working down in Mrs. Sarandrea`s classroom from 8:05 in the morning to 8:30 in the morning. There are three jobs in trout club. One job is power point I was in the power point group this year. We made power points for the town meetings. I learned a lot of things from Mirlinda and Mrs. Petroc. Another job in trout club is making t-shirts. Some kids took own this challenge .The t-shirts are for the release. This year the t-shirts are royal blue with white writing. We all sighed our names on the back to remember how much fun we had. The last thing we do in trout club is scrap book. The scrap book is for all the fun we had doing the trout program. This is what we do in trout club.
 What bubbles holds fish and has 55 gallons of water in it. Our tank! We had to test our own ammonia PH, nitrite, and nitrate in our tank. This is to make sure our tank is in the right condition for the fish. Every day we do a water change. We take a tube and suck a gallon of water. We also have to make sure our tank is the right tempture. Our tank is 56 degrees. In order to have the right tempture we had to have a chiller. The chiller is very expensive. This is what we do with our tank.
 ďThere go the fishĒ my teacher said May 5, 2011as we released our fish. Mrs. Sarandrea and her daughter (Halie) got to release the first fish. Our parents got to come to the release. My dad came and we had a lot of fun. The trout men laid a net over the river and stured up the rocks for bugs. There where Cadis, and   We released our trout into Branch Brook at black rock state park. I have been going there for a long time. It is so much fun there I like it a lot. That is where we released.
 The trout program was one of the best experiences for me. I am still I trout club. We have one more fish to release it is for Mrs. Sarandreaís other daughter. The tank is still running.  This is my Trout Essay
Have you ever had trout delivered before? In Mrs. Sarandreaís class we have trout club, we need to test ph, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and we feed them.
Have you ever done trout club? Kids in Mrs. Sarandreaís class have trout club every other Wednesday. Its as fun as riding a roller coaster. In trout club we do t shirts for the releasing of the trout, we do a presentation for the last town meeting, and we also make a book full of pictures of us and the trout. 
Have you ever tested ph, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate? When you are doing trout you will need to test them every day. I f they are high the pour fish can die. This is as sad as watching a very sad movie. So if you trout delivered, test every day and tell the teacher if they are high, then you will need to do a five gallon change.
Have you ever fed tout. We need to feed them2x a day. We do not feed them a lot. If you do you will overfeed them, and they can die. If you under feed them they can die too. There are bags of 0, 1, and 2. Feed them 1 when they are 1 or smaller, 2 when they are about 2 to 3 inches, and 3 when they are bigger than 3 inches. So donít under or over feed them.
Now you know what to do when you ever have trout delivered to your school.
Hey, I am going to tell you about my experience with the trout!? 1st I will tell you about trout club. Then I will tell you about the egg delivery. Lastly I will tell you about the release of the fish!!!
 Ahh!  I say when I wake up at 6:15 am to go to trout club. Trout club is a club that takes one takes care of the fish and two works hard on two different projects. One project (mine) is the scrapbook we group the pictures that are of eggs, fish, and tank. We will put them all in a scrapbook of the life of a trout. The other project is PowerPoint they make digital slides using pictures and facts on the computer.  Our class did a huge PowerPoint on the trout the PowerPoint people did their slide and the others (scrapbook classmates ext.) did a lesson they learned from the trout to use in life. (I opened that part of the show and Annabelle closed it).That is what we do at trout club.
Now before eggs there must be a tank so 6 students stayed after school to set it up. The tank was set up by the next day there was a net called the egg basket that is where the eggs will stay until they are released into the big tank!  The eggs were orange with little black dots that are their eyes! When they hatch they will still have egg sacks. when they eat all of their egg sacks they will be in the fry stage when they are able to swim. That is all about the egg delivery day!!?
Sadly now our fish are released at
Branch Brook. On Thursday May 5th my class took a field trip to Black Rock State Park. We took the temp. Of the bucket and the river good thing the # was almost the same or the fish would not survive because of drastic change in temp! :( Then we each got to release one it was so exiting! That is about the release! 
 That was my amazing  experience with the trout! From trout club to egg delivery to release the trout will always be in our <3!!!!
How would you take care of trout? Well, if you asked me I would say by testing the water, going to trout club to support them, and to let them free. This program in general was awesome! Sometimes the people can be as rude as bees. Now I will share what I do best. 
 Crack, OOOps! I did not mean to do that. That was the sound of somebody dropping the test tube. My class and I test ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and PH. The reason we test these is to see if the water is clean for the fish for instance the trout. If itís not, it would be appropriate to do a five gallon water change. We try are best to keep the tank as clean as my house. That is why my class and I do testing.
 I pick this! Thatís the sound of me picking t-shirts for trout club. In trout club about 17 kids joined out of 27 in my whole class. When we finished t-shirts we started scrap booking. We did not get a lot accomplished yet. The other group was power point. That group just kept up with what we did in trout club, but with presentations in front of the school. Another part of trout club was to try and get along with other class mates. That is what we mostly did in trout club.
Sniffle, sniffle! That is the sound of are class releasing the trout. We released at black rock. We each got a trout in a cup to release. It was as nice as coloring a picture. In general if you love something set it free. We did some games, ate lunch , walked a mile ,and went back to school. That is how are release went.
Tear, Tear! Iím done the trout are gone. The water at black rock state park is as cold an ice cube to me. My fridge for instance the freezer is the coldest place in my house. If the trout like the water I would not know I just hope there happy. I wish they were still here, but there not so what am I gonna do. That was my experience with the trout in my class room program.
Have you ever taken care of trout in your classroom?  Well I sure have!  Today I will be telling you about the trout that were in my classroom and special events.  Mostly only three of the most important.  Starting with egg delivery day/ hatching day,  then problems w/in the tank, and lastly the release day.  Now the release day was very sad.  Just as sad as going to a funeral for a family member.  This reminds me of the time my cousin died by getting hit by a falling telephone pole.  I went to the funeral and everyone was crying because she was like only in her early twenties.  Well enough about that let me tell you about the trout.  Shall weÖÖ
On egg delivery day the man Mr. Cancillio walked into the classroom with a bucket..  we all then said ďwhooaaahhhĒ untilÖ he opened the bucket.. then we all came in with the comment of ďyou tricked us.Ē    The only reason why we said this is really because he did trick us. This is because he walked in with a big bucket and pulled out a very small container.  I knew it was to good to be true I said in my mind.  This reminds me of the time my sister told me that she got 200.00 for my birthday but she really got me a 10.00 gift card to Target.  I was as mad as a bull when a person rides them.  About a month after we got the fish they started to hatch.  We all said that they were small.  The man then again came in and told us the fish were the size of our finger-nails.  Small right!  We all thought that the fish were so cute and small UNTILLÖwe noticed it was a week before Christmas break.  What are we supposed to do?  Who is going to watch the fish we all thought?
Once we came back from break we all noticed that the fish were fine and there were no problems we were fine.  Then the tank took a turn for the worse.  We had problems such as pH levels being to low and ammonia levels being to high.  Our ammonia levels were 1.0ppm, 2.0ppm, and 4.0ppm.  These levels are way to high.  On the other hand we had our pH sitting over there that was too low.  Levels as low as 6.4, 6.6, and 6.0.   This reminds me of the past month with ammonia and pH levels.  This is because the pH would have levels as low as 6.0 and 6.4.  Then we had the ammonia going as high as 4.0ppm.  this was a big crisis.  More like as big as having 10 birthday parties on one.   One day I came down top the classroom to help with the tank.  When I took the cover off of the tank it looked like a war just ended.  There was about 70 to 105 fish dead.  When I told Mrs.Sarandrea she ran to her desk and started to email the TIC program, to tell them about our killing streak. 
WOW!  That was fast.  Today is our release day.   I am very sad.  I donít want to let our fish go.  Bye, Bye fishies.  I was  the first student to release a trout.  I was happy and sad.  After all of our fish were released we saw a demonstration.   This reminds me of the time my Uncle showed me a fly fishing demonstration.  Yet, this demonstration was called a RIVER SEINING.    This was done to test water quality.  This was as fun as riding bumper cars.  Then we did walk a mile with a smile.  We did this on our field trip because we were unable to attend it with the 5th grade at our school.  After this we headed back to school!
 Well there you have it!  You have learned about the most important events in our classroom with  the trout.  All of them being, Egg Delivery/hatching day,  Problems w/in the tank, and release day.
Did you ever have trout in you classroom before. Well in Mrs. Sarandreaís classroom we did. We had brown fingerling trout. We had 200 eggs and finished with 26. The topics are about tout club, testing the water, and equipment delivery day.
 ďWhat is trout club?Ē my cousin who is in third grade asked. There are many things to do in trout club like prepare for town meetings. Well, we already did that but, this is how. By the way it was as enjoyable as illusions. We made a power point for it. There are several groups for the power point. Group 1setting up the tank, 2 is egg delivery, 3 is taking care of the trout, 4 is fish facts ,and finally 5 trout club. I was in 4th and 5th trout club. I was in 4th and 5th group. Another is the T-shirt part. A group of kids made a design for the back. Our class had to vote which one we liked the best. After that we signed our names around the design. Next they also made a front design it was a little fish and it say ďonly the strong survive, be strong!Ē next we picked the color and it was royal blue and white writing.  It was 7$ each. We all got our T-shirts. Next is scrap booking! We can make our own page with pictures, words, stickers, and more. My page is green. Everybody can put their own on there. There are so many things to put on the paper this is why the paper is so big. It was for trout club, but now everybody can do it. I thought that was a great idea! That wasnít the only fun we got we got to make speeches for the town meeting. The speech went along with the power point and what we have learned. That is what we have done in trout club.
ďDonít you have to check for bacteria in the water?Ē My cousin asked. Yes we put stresszyme in every Mondays. Stresszyme takes away the bacteria. We also test for Ph, Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite. If you didnít know Ph stands for parts hydrogen. Speaking of ph and ammonia there was a big spike. That means it went very high and that is not good. Many fish died when that was happening. How we test the water we fill every tube up with the tank water. Each thing is different. Ph, you just have to put three drops of ph and shake then you match it on the chart. Next ammonia, you have to put 8 drops or bottle number one then 8 drops of bottle number 2. Then shake for 5 seconds wait 5 minutes for the color to develop and match it on the chart. Next is nitrate, there are 2 bottles like ammonia. You have to put 10 drops of bottle number 1 to the tube, and then shake it for 30 seconds. When you are done with that, shake bottle number 2 for 30 seconds. Then add 10 drops of bottle number 2. Shake the tube for 1 minute and then wait 5 minutes for the color to develop. And lastly Nitrite it is easy. You put 5 drops in then you wait 5 minutes for the color to develop. Just to let you know on all of them you match it up to the chart. Then if there bad we do a gallon change or if it is really bad we do 5 gallon change. It was as hard as climbing a rock.
ďDid you set up the tank?Ē my cousin asked me. ďYes I was there at the dayĒ We had to go after school. My teacher picked who was going to go. So she can make it far she picked out of a hat. 5 other student and I got chosen. In order to stay we permission slip given to our parents so they can accept it. So that day TIC Program guys came in with all the steps and equipment. First thing was the filter we had to read the directions. We took the materials that we needed and put them together accorder to the direction. It was as fun as riding my bike. Then we put this foam slash cover thing and we taped the sides. We put them there so no water gets in to it. Then we put in the bubbler. The bubbler is an aerator that gives oxygen to the fish. For the brown finger ling trout they need plenty of oxygen. Next we fill the whole tank up with water. The tank was 55 gallons. After that we put on our smiles and took some pictures in front of the tank.1 picture was in the town times. That is how we set up the tank.
Well wasnít that a fun experience I think so. That was as great as watching a movie. Well I hope you enjoyed the fish. BYE!
Trout in the classroom
This year we had trout in our classroom. And I want to tell you some stuff that we did before the release. From start to end from the egg delivery to when they all hatch and finally when we go to black rock to release the trout  
 It all started one afternoon when a trout unlimited gentlemen came in to are class room with a 5 gallon bucket I thought there would be a bunch of egg but he pulled out a small container I was surprised as I said is there really 200 eggs in that smallsmallsmall container first we have to take the temperature so we donít shock the eggs when they first get put in         
 One day we were all looking at the eggs when one student spotted a fish that had hatched then day after day more and more hatched but you have to fed them for a while because the fed them selves by eating the egg sack thatís cool right?  The day of the release was sad  but fun we got to each release fish and we got to pick out some little bugs that the trout eat like snails and other stuff on that day it was also walk a mile with a smile so we walked 2 laps around black rock   
That is what happened throue the past 5 months and it was really really really fun I hope you have fun with it too   
Trout Essay
Hey there, have you ever taken care of trout? You havenít, well then itís about time you learned. Iím going to tell you all about trout, Trout Club, and the release. Yes, itís sad they left. Oh, if you get Mrs. Sarandrea youíll learn the real truth of why you are doing the TIC program. Iím not supposed to tell but, I think itís a pretty good reason so anyway, letís learn about the trout!
You may think taking care of trout is fun. It is fun but, behind all that fun is a whole new level of difficulty and responsibility. No Iím not even joking. When we got the eggs there were 200! I thought it looked like 50 but, there was 2-0-0! Guess how many we got to survive in the end? 17!!! ? The TIC people though we nice enough to give us 20 other adopted ones. You may want to know you will have to check for ammonia, ph, nitrite, and nitrate. It may sound hard but, itís really not. This year we broke all our test tubes. Sad right? Yeah you can laugh because I wasnít the one that broke them. Just wanted to let you guys know some basics about our trout. Want to hear about Trout Club? Okay letís go!
Are you an early bird? Youíre not? Iím not going to lie I donít like to wake up early in the morning either. I got used to it though because if youíre in Trout Club you have to be in the class at 8:05! No earlier or later. For Trout Club more than half the class joined. There were 2 separate groups. PowerPoint and T-shirts. I was in PowerPoint. Amanda and I had to write about setting up the fish tank. We had a total of 3 slices. Trout Club you think is serious work. Honestly Iím happy I joined. It was worth waking up early. Once we had coffee cakes and juice. Another time we had muffins and juice boxes. I remember when Alyssa and Natalia were at the big computer (projector) and we were drawing on their letters. I really am going to miss the trout, they brought so many memories. I think you would love to hear about the release so let me tell you some things about.   
Have you ever heard of Black Rock State Park? Okay, Iím going to tell you all about it. It was grassy and beautiful. All you see is green everywhere. When we let go of the trout, I had confidence they were going to live. Since the park was so trust worthy there was nothing to worry about. I had a fun time with my friends Kayla, Trenity, Mirlinda, and Jordyn. When we released we each got a cup full of water, then the TIC guys gave us a trout in the cup to release. Sounds so cool right? The best part is when we got to see the fish swimming away! Then we caught bugs! Yes bugs! ? We sorted them into 3 groups, 1, 2, 3. Then we ate lunch. It was fun because we were sitting outside on picnic tables. I had a sandwich with Nutella. After we did walk a mile with a smile all of us were sweating badly. Then we loaded the bus and went home. Hope you enjoyed our day as much as I did.
So Iíve told you about Trout, Trout Club, and the release. Did you know that only 17 of our fish survived? That stinks as much as Rebecca Black right? The TIC dudes gave us 20. So that day we ended up releasing 37 fish. So now that youíre familiar with TIC program you donít need me anymore.  So talk to you later. 
What swims, lives in the water, and we get to take care of them?  If you guess trout then youíre correct!!!  We had so much fun with the trout, even if we had ups and downs. A down is we had a major problem with the tank and ended up having half of them die. Two ups are we got it back on course. So from problems with the tank, to trout club and even the day of release we still had TONS AND TONS of fun.
Do you know how much problem we had with the tank (mostly tank)?  It all started when somewhere in the middle of February.  Melissa and I were coming down to the classroom to work on the tank. Then Mrs. Sarandrea told us that half the trout were DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fish were all in a cup piled on top of each other. Man did they STINK!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason they were all dead is the ph would either be as high as an airplane or as low as an ant hill, but never balanced.  the same thing happened with our temperature.  Then Mrs. Sarandrea e-mailed trout unlimited the problem we were having. I cannot really remember what the trout men us to do but it work!!!  Eventually, our templates and ph was once again balanced. I was as happy as a kid on the last day of school.  This reminds me when my fish died however, after we found out the problem it never happened again!!!!!!! We only had a few bullies in the net. It was all challenge, but we survived it. (So did some of the trout)
Have you ever been to Trout Club? Well, Iíll tell you what it is about. To be in trout club you need to bring in a slip. Trout club starts at about 8:05 to about pick a group for trout club is pretty easy. All you have to do is pick either power-point or T-shirts. Then, you have to write why you want to join the group. Once you have chosen your group (PowerPoint-Mrs. Petrok and t-shirts Mrs. Sarandrea.)  Mrs. Sarandrea or Mrs. Petrok will tell you what to do. I was as happy as a kid on the last day of school when I was in t-shirt group. What we do in t-shirt group is first, we sketch out a drawing of a trout. Marinelaís Picture won so that was on the back of the t-shirt. In the front left hand corner was a small logo saying ďOnly the strong survive, be strong!Ē WE HAD TONS AND TONS OF SUPER MEGA AWESOME FUN. I hope the kids next year enjoy it as much as my class did.
AwwÖI am as bitter sweet as a kid with the flu that today is the day of the release. The morning was really hectic that with the talking, the taking pictures and whoa, we have to pack the trout! Packing the trout wasnít that hard. The class (not including Rina) scooped one or 2 fish and put them into a bucket. After the trout men put the oxygen machine in the bucket we were ready to roll. Black Rocks State Park is where we released the trout. The first people to release the trout were Mrs. Sarandrea and her daughter Haley. It was really fun releasing the trout. After that two of the trout men went in the river and scoop up bugs and stuff. I got chosen first and it was gross and fun at the same time!!! The last thing we did was walk-a-mile-with-a-smile. It was really fun since we took a bunch of pictures alone the way.  I will really miss the trout and I hope they live a long life.
  I will miss the trout so much and for the kids doing it next year good luck and I hope you will have lots of fun!!!!!!!!
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