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Trout in the Classroom - Polk Elementary School
Polk Elementary School - Equipment Delivery Day
October 13, 2010
Trout Unlimited members Ed Albrecht, Al Concilio, Bill Glueck and Hugh McCutchen deliver the tank, chiller, filter, chemicals and other equipment to the school. Mrs. Sarandrea and the six student volunteers who make up the Student Installation Team are waiting to assist with the installation and learn their future duties.
{Picture of Equipment Bieng Unloaded in the Parking Lot}
Trout Unlimited Members Bill Glueck and Hugh McCutchen unload the equipment
{Picture of TU Members Unpacking the Equipment}
Ed Albrecht and Hugh McCutchen unpack the equipment in the classroom
  {Student team meeting}
Student Installation Team meeting
  {Al Concilio Explains the Project to the Team}
Al Concilio unpacks the filter components
{Students check the filter pieces}
The students organize the filter components
{Students check all of the Filter Components}
Students and Al Concilio check all of the filter components
{Picture of Student Thinking about the Project}
Thinking the project through
{Student Reading the Directions}
Reading the directions
{Students Filling the Filter Media Bags}
Filling the filter media bags
{TU Members Install the Tank and Begin Filling}
Bill Glueck and High McCutchen filling the tank
{Bill Glueck Helps Student Prepare the Tank Insullation}
Bill Glueck helps students prepare a tank insullation piece
{Picture of the Installed and Filled Tank}
The tank being filled with water from the classroom sink
{Picture of TU Instructor Assisting Students with the Filter}
Ed Albrecht assists the student team with the filter assembly
{Picture of Students Preparing the Egg Basket and Filter}
The student team prepares the egg basket and places the media in the filter
{Picture of the Teacher Discussing the Project with the TU Members}
Mrs. Sarandrea getting instructions from Al Concilio and Hugh McCutchen
{TU Instructor Giving Final Filter Assembly Instructions to Students}
Ed Albrecht gives the students final filter assembly instructions
{TU Instructor, Teacher and Students go over Final Details}
Al Concilio discussing project details with Mrs. Sarandrea and students
{Picture of Teacher and Students with the Completely Installed Tank}
Mrs. Sarandrea and the student team with the completed tank ready for trout eggs
{TU Instructor Points out Tank Details to Students}
Ed Albrecht shows Mrs. Sarandrea and the students where the trout eggs will be placed
All of the pictures above and more may be downloaded in the following file ( .Zip file 85 mB)
The next step in this process will be the delivery of the eggs in November 2010.
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