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ConneCT Kids is pleased to present Ranger Kirsten, also known as Kirsten Walker, who is an Assistant Park Ranger at Brooksvale Park in Hamden, Connecticut. Ranger Kirsten will present special interesting and fun Connecticut nature topics, just for kids. You will be able to ask Ranger Kirsten questions and suggest topics. So let's all learn about Connecticut Nature with Ranger Kirsten!
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Ranger Kirsten is Kirsten Walker, who is the mother of 4 children, Tyler, Amy, Kay and Tina. She works as a nature educator at Brooksvale Park in Hamden alongside Ranger Vin Lavorgna where she is called Ranger Kirsten.  In late winter each year she is the Sugarmaker at the park, making Maple Syrup with sap from the Sugar Maple trees they tap on the property.  With Ranger Vin, she teaches over 500 children and adults each season and tastes the sweet syrup too!
She holds an Art Education degree from Southern Connecticut State University, and takes art and writing courses when her schedule allows. In the Spring of 2009 she completed the Master Wildlife Conservationist Program offered through the CT DEP at Sessions Woods Wildlife Center in Burlington, CT.
She is on the executive boards of two park friends groups, the Friends of Hammonasset and the Friends of Brooksvale Park which helps her learn and teach about our natural environment even more.  She loves learning about nature, and she hopes you do too!
You may ask Ranger Kirsten a nature question through her email
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