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Teachers, how would you like an aquarium full of trout fry in your classroom for your students to feed, care for and learn about?
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Well, Connecticut Trout Unlimited Chapters are offering such a program to Connecticut schools K-12, and you can take advantage of it just for the asking.
Trout Unlimited, with the financial assistance of Trout Unlimited members, civic groups, PTAs, business leaders and private individuals, arranges for all of the equipment, curriculum materials, training and assistance. Some fund raising may be necessary depending on available support at the time. The average cost of a Trout in the Classroom installation is $1,200.
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A specially equipped aquarium is set up in the early fall. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection gracefully furnishes fertilized eggs and feed. TU volunteers provide training and assistance to teachers who wish to present the course.
{Picture of a Chilled Aquarium in the Classroom}
Teachers set up an aquarium and incubate trout eggs in their classroom with the help of a Trout in the Classroom coordinator (a TU member). Together, they ensure that all of the equipment has been purchased and is assembled by September. In general the teacher and students are responsible for daily maintenance and observation of the eggs, while the coordinator is responsible for obtaining permits, delivering the eggs, and arranging for one or more TU TIC volunteers to serve as mentors.
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At the end of the program in spring, the final result is an aquarium full of trout fry (juvenile fish) that are released into a state-approved body of water during a class field trip in late April to early June.
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Trout in the Classroom is an extremely rewarding program for students, teachers and mentors. The program can be set up in one school or in collaboration with different schools.
Ever wonder what happens at a trout fry release? The we have some pictures will give you a good idea. This release took place at the Mill River, Sleeping Giant State Park, on May 21, 2010. The Trout Unlimited trainer was Ed Albrecht. Trout Fry Release Photos.
Polk Elementary School in Oakville, CT, Home of the Huskys,  has joined the rapidly growing list of Connecticut schools that are participating in the Trouth in the Classroom project sponsored by the eight local Connecticut Trout Unlimited Chapters. Fifth Grade Teacher Mrs. Jessica Sarandrea and her 27 students will be tending to 200 brown trout eggs, watching them hatch into trout fry, and then helping them grow into fish that will be big enough to release into a nearby trout stream.
ConneCT Kids has received permission from the Polk Elementary School Administration and Mrs. Sarandrea to follow this project all the way from the delivery of the equipment to the release (hopefully) of the trout fry in the Spring of 2011. You can follow along and share the experience with them. Just visit the Polk Elementary School TIC Project Pages.
{Cartoon Drawing of a Trout as a Teacher in a Classroom}
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