KIDS: Call for Connecticut Photos

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ConneCT Kids would like to begin a new feature "Where in Connecticut is the Colonial Robin?" This feature would spotlight famous Connecticut landmarks, buildings, monuments, historical sites or places of interest throughout our state. Children would be asked to identify these places or things using a series of photographs and written clues. The answer page would include the name of the place or object, its exact location, a short history, and reasons why it is significant to Connecticut. It is hoped that through this feature, children will gain a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, Connecticut history and interesting places to visit. {Colonial Robin}
However, the Colonial Robin needs your help to collect the photos and information that can be used to build this feature. You will need a digital camera, email address, and some time to go and take the photos. If you are interested in helping the Colonial Robin with this project, please read the following requirements and rules.
1. All photos must be original photos taken by the person submitting them or by their parents. We cannot accept photos that come from other sources or that are copies of another person's work.
2. Photos must be clear enough to identify the subject place or object. Only one should include any markers or identification that would give the answer - this will be on the answer page.
3. A minimum of 3 photos from different angles should be included.
4. Photos should be un-edited and in the original format (.jpg, .tiff....).
5. All photos and descriptions will become the property of the ConneCT Kids Committee for use on the ConneCT Kids website.
6. Photos should be accompanied by the following information: 1.) The exact location of the place or object including city/town and street address or other location information; 2.) A description of the place or object; 3.) The historical or local significance of the place or object; 4.) Name of the person submitting the photos.
7. You must send in a completed Release Form for your submission(s). The form may be mailed or faxed.
8. Photos may be attached to an email and sent to
If you have an questions regarding the program or how to submit photos, please email ConneCT Kids at

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